Rules Of Survival Mod Apk (v1.288904.296985) + Obb Data + Cheat + Aim-Bot

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Hi! Rules Of Survival Game Lover’s If you are looking to download Rules Of Survival Mod Apk (v1.288904.296985) + Highly Compressed Obb Data + Cheat + Aim-Bot + No Grass, then congratulations you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what the Specialty of Rules Of Survival Android Game and it’s Mod Version Apk will provide you one Click Google Drive Link to download, so you can easily download Rules Of Survival Android Survival And Online Game.

Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

Survival Latest Mod Apk Specialty And Features

Welcome to the new area of ​​the survey, where after death has now been raised on an exciting epic scale! This is a battle Royal game that is now played by more than 230 million people worldwide.

May we present you with a completely advanced new 8×8 km map, which allows 300 players to fight in many different areas. Only one survives!

Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So gather the scattered weapons, keep yourself close to the teeth, and erase your strategy like any other.

Warning !!! This is not a game of existence. You will rewrite the rules of the survey!
Now embark on a world-class battle royale!

The rules of survival follow the standard form of the Royal style, where the players fight for the last person (or team) to survive. Players can choose to enter the match in different modes: Solo, Duo, Squad (four players), or a FireTime (five players). In any case, the last person or team left the match alive. The game has two playable maps: Gili Island (120 players, 4.8 km × 4.8 km) and Fearless Fior (300 players, 8 km × 8 km). There are also different game modes like Gold mode, in which the player can earn Gold, or Diamond mode in which the player can earn diamonds during the whole match. The introduction of the Fearless Ford game map introduces a new type of match, blitzkrieg, in which the player will land on a certain part of the pistol, a backpack, and a basic armor armed with a basic armor. The purpose of blitzkrieg is to keep the players at the top.

Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

New Amazing Features Of Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

The celebration of RULES OF SURVIVAL’s First-Year Anniversary is officially starting! From November 7th, revolutionary updates and amazing gifts await you in game!
– Daily Login Diamonds
– Top-up Get 30% Bonus
– Valuable VIP System
– Anniversary Carnival
– Classic and Advanced Supply Discounts
– 1 Million Dollars Ca$h’n Shoot
Lite version and Ultra version are also on their way! IT’S PARTY TIME!

Run or Fight!
– Absolute fair play in a massive HD map.
Last Man Standing!
– Solo or team mode in a 120 survivors’ battle.
Pick up and Use!
-Wide variety of firearms and accessories.
Fast and Furious!
– Drive vehicles across different terrains.

Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

Some Social Link’s Of Rules of Survival

Twitter: @RoS_Mobile ; @RoS_JPofficial
Official Website:

WHAT’S NEW in Recent Update

– Exclusive Southeast Asian-themed looks available in-store soon. Stay tuned!
– The Fearless Fiord map has been improved for increased smoothness.
– Fixed an issue where Chinese appears in the game for some players;
– Fixed an issue where the Hovercycle and Warjeep are not displayed on the looks interface.
* RoS Swish is now available:
* Optimized the Looks cross-server function by adding a Looks Import button in the Depot – Item Interface.
* Added all-new Video Ads in the Star Supply Interface. Watching Video Ads will reward players with free Star Diamonds.
* Added more Adv. Looks in Star Supply.
* Fearless Fiord Map Depot Adjustment: Added some AWM and SUV Depot in Fearless Fiord Map;
* New Season Available: Season 8 starts and Season 7 will end after maintenance.
* When the new season starts, a new tier called “Master” will be added, which is less than the Grand Master and more than Diamond. In addition, there are some new rules on Tires that the players will keep their current tier on losing points at Gold IV, Platinum V, Diamond V, Master VI and Grand Master.
* Gold Mode + has changed: This game’s game mode is Shield Wall. Large quantities of shotguns and shields will be deployed;
* Customized custom set interface: Added an extract button to remove all the clothing selection and customized set configuration logic;
* Fixed the issue of Infector’s Skills Sound Effect;
* Fixed issue of incorrect collision of some visual model;
* Solving the problem of drowning in the boat after defecation in the boat.
* Hold-to-lean feature was added to PC-version: Manually set the “Lean” button and hold-in setting-control-other control and restart the original position;
* Optimized the scope for single-shot sniper rifle: Scope on / off tapping during bolt action after firing during scope-on will prevent automatically from being turned on;
* Due to technical issues, the “full screen in battle” feature has been disabled for as long as the problems are not fixed, so stay tuned;
Added to In-Game Chat: More than 3 more than one player can not be posted within 20 seconds of the public channel;
Ghillie Suit Changes: After the update, the backpack will be covered while wearing the Ghillie suit;
Increase in the SUV’s HP;
Download Logic Optimization: When no map has been downloaded, it is selected, it will automatically prompt players to download the map;
Fixed crash issues in some circumstances.

Gold Mode+ has changed: This week’s down mode is Echo Valley Firefight – Player’s HP will be additionally expanded in Gatling fights;

Station Appearance Interface Optimization: After the update, at whatever point the Depot Appearance is chosen, it will show the marks of Remodel, Modify, Upgrade, Recycle, and Ultimate.

Fixed the issue where vehicles on the main floor can see the second floor through the divider.


* Zombie Mode has limited accessibility: 19:00 -21:00 and also 12:00 -13:00 daily.
* Additional reception screen emotes for both Vector and AN94, equip an corresponding firearm skin to decide to use out them from the Depot.
* Fixed the matter where vehicles onto the floor have the ability to observe the floor socket.
* Fixed the dilemma by putting an of watching.

What Saying User’s About Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

1st User-:   Honestly is great when I’m streaming PC and when I’m over a friends I can play it on my mobile. I would given it a 5 start if it went for the badly aim bots being terrible and the devs could improve it every fortnight. the store is really messy as hell and I spend £6 hoping I would get some cool skins rare or no I would not of minded however I was given coins most of the time which to me is very bad as theres not much to spend it on. the stars I wish I could get more in game but hey.

2nd User-:   Dear NetEase, i’ve been played this game back after i never played again. Still, with amazing appearance inside, but now i just know that’s not a cheater that i found in the game, there is a Ros PC user. damn, i only wear a gadget … please, make it pure mobile, dont insert and mix a mobile and PC version … because we dont have a free directional moving if using a mobile against a PC, wish you hear me … @RoSuser_comeback #pure_mobile.

3rd User-:   I’m loving the game rn because I can’t find anybots in every game unlike pubgm I just keep finding bots like 87 of them are bots also thanks for the good updates and how balanced the guns are in this game And there was a 130 stars reward in the airdrop and I didnt get the 130+ stars there I tried opening 5 of those but I just wasted time opening those airdrop how do I fix this?

Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

How to Download and Install Rules Of Survival Mod Apk

If you have already installed the Rules Of Survival Apk from the Google Play Store, then you do not need to download OBB file for installing Mod Apk of Rules Of Survival.

Follow this Step-: if you do not have Game Data file and mod Apk

1) If Game was not already installed in your Phone, then you should download Data File and Rules Of Survival Mod Apk from Download button below.

2) After the Data File and Mod Apk downloaded, Simply Extract the Data zip File in Phone internal memory/Android/obb/ folder.

3) Next you have to install Mod Rules Of Survival Apk. after installing the game simply launch and enjoy.

Follow this Step-: If you have Game Obb Data and Apk

1) First you have to open your phone’s File Manager and go to the given path : File-manager/Android/data/ And search the com.netease.chiji folder and rename the folder name to com.netease.chiji-Mod. (If you do not do this then your game’s Data will be deleted)

2) Once you’ve changed the Folder Name, you can uninstall the Rules Of Survival Apk and download and install Rules Of Survival (Hacked) apk from

3) When your game is installed, you can go to Path: File-Manager/Android/obb/ and rename Folder Name ”com.netease.chiji-Mod” to ”com.netease.chiji”.

4) Next open your game and enjoy.

Download Rules Of Survival Mod Apk + Obb Data + Hack Game

Download Your Mod Game

Pro Tips -:

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