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Sea of Conquest: Pirate War v1.1.220 MOD APK [Menu/Unlimited Money]

Sea of Conquest
App Name Sea of Conquest
Latest Version v1.1.220
Last Updated 11 May 2024
Publisher FunPlus International AG.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Strategy
Size 630 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (4)
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With expanded features and adjustable choices, Sea of Conquest MOD APK provides an unmatched gaming experience. To rule, lead your fleet, explore new waterways, and defeat rivals. It offers hours of thrilling gameplay for captains and sailors alike. Download today and sail for victory!" Perhaps most significantly, It shows the power of community and innovation. It creates a thriving community of gamers that love the game and push its limits with modifications and user-generated material. Hoist your sails, collect your crew, and set sail for adventure in It, the ultimate high seas conquest. Grab the world—are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

Sea of Conquest MOD APK

It takes you on an exciting trip of strategic conquest and infinite adventure. This modified version of the renowned game takes players to a dangerous and exciting seascape. As a courageous commander, you must construct a powerful fleet, explore unexplored seas, and leave a legacy via smart diplomacy and brave battle. It presents a dangerous world of power and ambition, where every choice matters. Will you form agreements with other mariners or brutally defeat your enemies? Enhanced functionality and configurable choices provide us unlimited possibilities. Command your ships precisely, launch powerful naval attacks, and defeat other factions to show your control. It combines strategy, exploration, and adrenaline-pumping action for all skill levels. Hoist your sails, prepare for war, and aim for glory as you conquer the high seas. Download and start your amazing trip now.


Expansive Naval Warfare

Lead a large fleet in epic naval battles. It lets you experience realistic naval battles like no before. Gather your fleet and unleash deadly weaponry on your enemies, from nimble frigates to powerful battleships with guns. You can win on the seas, whether you're skirmishing with hostile ships or sieging strong coastal towns.

Strategic Conquest

Become a shrewd commander and rule the vast seas. It requires strategic thinking to traverse a dynamic planet with warring factions, resource-rich islands, and critical chokepoints. Will you grow your empire by diplomatic ties and smart negotiation or through force and military might? Choose cautiously, as every decision affects your conquest and empire.

Custom Fleets

Tailor your fleet to your strategy and playstyle. It has several ships with different attributes. From agile sloops for scouting to enormous galleons for deadly battles, the choices are boundless. To win battles, equip your ships with strong weaponry, armor, speed, and specialist gear. You may customize your fleet to meet your tactical vision and lead your armada to victory with endless alternatives.

Dynamic Campaign

Fight clever AI opponents in a complex and engrossing campaign mode. Every choice you make affects your campaign and the globe. Will you succeed and become a famous conqueror, beloved and feared by everyone, or fail and fade? Explore a large, ever-changing world with different landscapes, hazardous rivers, and hidden perils as you seek glory and conquest.

Resource Management

Use your empire's resources properly to expand and flourish. Gold, timber, and food power your empire's economy and military machine in It. Create trade routes to get supplies, utilize natural resources to make money, and build infrastructure to grow your empire. Beware, enemies will steal your wealth and ruin your ideas at every step. You can only win the cruel game of conquest with meticulous preparation and administration.

Diplomacy and Alliances

Join forces with other captains and negotiate dangerous diplomacy to establish your position in the globe. Diplomacy lets you negotiate commercial agreements, military alliances, and peace treaties with other groups in It. Beware, partnerships are weak and treachery is everywhere. Will you keep your promise and help your comrades, or will you use their frailty to further your own goals? Trust is uncommon and valuable in the Sea of Conquest, so choose wisely.

Sea of Conquest MOD APK

Dynamic Weather and Environmental Effects

Test your talents in challenging weather and environmental situations. Storms, fog, and harsh seas test even the most experienced commanders in It. Change your strategy when the weather changes, and beware of hidden perils. Only those who master the elements will win the ultimate skill and strategy exam.

Multiplayer combat

Compete against players worldwide in heated combat where only the strongest survive. It lets you compete against other captains in spectacular PvP conflicts that will challenge your skills. As you seek fame and conquest, form alliances, rivalries, and worldwide supremacy. In It, easy matching and a vibrant online community keep the war for domination going.

Rich plot for users

Experience a captivating plot as you sail the great seas. In It, you'll meet various people with different goals. From competing captains fighting for control to strange entities in the shadows, every encounter presents new challenges and chances. Will you discover the past and marine wonders or get carried away by history? Make your pick, but the waters are deep and dangerous.

Dynamic Events

Explore a world of shifting events and challenges. Random occurrences and fateful turns keep It playthroughs fresh. You must remain alert and adapt to live and prosper in this dynamic environment, from pirate assaults and naval blockades to natural calamities and political upheavals. Will you grab the moment or be carried away by history? Time will tell.

Support for modifications and user-generated material

Allows limitless replayability and customisation. With a robust modding environment, It lets users develop and share unique content. All kinds of ships, factions, gameplay improvements, and balancing adjustments are possible. It provides many creative and innovative chances for modders of all levels.

Amazing images and music

Enter a world of astounding beauty and enormous soundscapes with amazing images and compelling music. It lovingly recreates every ship, island, and shoreline, bringing the world to life. From sparkling seawater to busy ports and towns, Sea of Conquest is a sensory experience. A thrilling music will make you feel like you're sailing the high seas for glory and conquest.

Sea of Conquest MOD APK


Sea of Conquest MOD APK shows the limitless potential of naval strategy games. For gamers seeking adventure, conquest, and glory, its enormous features, engrossing gameplay, and fascinating narrative are unmatched. This exhilarating update has something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned commander or fresh to naval combat. It provides infinite strategic and tactical challenges, from controlling enormous fleets in epic naval battles to establishing alliances and navigating diplomacy. Players spend hours playing because of its dynamic events, customized fleets, and amazing sights.

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