Smash Hit MOD APK v1.5.9 [Unlimited Balls/Premium]

Smash Hit
App Name Smash Hit
Latest Version v1.5.9
Last Updated 22 May 2024
Publisher Mediocre.
Requirements Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Size 63 MB
Google Playstore
4.1 Rating (22)


Being human, we have emotional connectivity and sensitivity; we sometimes get really upset and angry and try to break things in real life. Breaking stuff in real life is not that easy because it costs us so much, and also, our guardians will not allow us to do that without punishing us severely. So what do we do when we want to express our anger and have no way of harming others?
To fulfil our fantasy of breaking things and stuff, Smash Hit mod apk has entered the market and in no time has achieved vast popularity. Thanks to its basic gameplay that lets you smash things and figures of glass on various levels. There are more than 100 million downloads of the game, which is evident enough to show the love it is getting worldwide.
Smashing the glass figures all around the levels with your metal balls in one shot is what we desire. With your metal balls, you have to break the stuff and figures like pyramids, squares, rectangular walls, circular shapes, and more. You will be given counted balls in each level according to the stage's difficulty and need to break the stuff in those. The no. of glass that you break will assign you the points and rewards.
There are a lot of stages and levels in the game; you need to go on breaking stuff and clear stages to reach the next one. New figures and stuff will come to smash; after 9 checkpoint crossing, the game's pace will be fast. After certain corresponding levels, you will unlock many balls, but the rewards will depend on the number of balls you use to break the stuff.

Smash Hit MOD APK

Smash Hit mod apk

Smash Hit mod apk is one of the most authentic and working mods of the original gameplay available on our website. Download it right here from the below-given link for free and enjoy the cheat codes and hacks. Enjoy unlimited balls, money, and reward points to upgradeā€”infinite chances of smashing, breaking figures and shapes, and clearance of checkpoints.
All the bugs are fixed in this mod; no lagging, free upgrade and shopping of tools, no advertisement in the mod format, and so enjoy the free and uninterrupted flow of the game. No rooting is required while installing it, so it offers anti-ban and antiviral properties integrated into this variant.


Smash Hit Mod apk has flaming features and functions to experience the joy of breaking stuff with metal balls of varied kinds. So we are discussing below some of the potentials;

Smash the glass and other figures to express your anger or stress

This is one of the most realistic gameplay when we say that it expresses yourself and releases hormones to comfort us many times. What you got to do in the game is to take a ball and smash the figures into a thousand pieces by throwing them. When we do that, the joy that comes to our mind is epic; we feel like we have literally broken something with the game's astonishing graphical and sound representation. These elements make it feel realistically virtual.

Intuitive sound and realistic physics representation

Smash Hit Mod apk lets you smash the figures of many types and shapes in the gameplay where you have to hit them forcefully with the metal ball. This game is basically created to make people feel good by expressing their emotions, so the intuitive sound controls and system are integrated, making it feel real. Apart from the sound, the awesome graphical representation of the game elements makes users believe that they have done it in reality. Moreover, the whole approach is based on realistic physics and principles.

Smash Hit MOD APK

Multiple levels and checkpoints to pass

Smash Hit mod apk has a lot of levels and stages to pass one by one; in the beginning, you will break the figures of simple outlook with counted balls allocation. Success in breaking the figure leads you to another stage which comes with difficult shapes and structures. You have to cross all the levels with alertness and forcefully try to break the structure with one shot to earn a lot more reward points.

Many types of balls to choose and structure

The gameplay of the Smash Hit Mod apk offers the users a variety of balls with vivid power and metal to choose from in attack. Unlock the powerful balls with reward points and break the structure in one shot. A variety of structures and shapes are formed at every other stage level. Shapes are hard to break with many balls like pyramids, rectangular walls, circular glass shapes, boundaries, etc. So you need to be strategic in hitting the right nerve of the structure so as to break it in one go.

Unlimited balls accessibility and timely stages

In Smash Hit mod apk, many new levels come with different gameplay features and purposes like till 9 checkpoint crossing, the game will run at a slow pace and then fast pace means you need to do it in the time frame. You will get unlimited balls in the mod to hit the structure as many times as you need to break it into pieces. So be alert and hit the right spot most of the time to win more rewards.

Smash Hit MOD APK


Download Smash Hit mod apk to hit and smash glass figures and stuff in each individual level, clear stages and checkpoints, win exciting rewards, throw out the metal balls many times to express your hidden stress, and relax in the virtual world.
In this modified variant, you get unlimited balls, unlocked levels and stages, unlimited money and reward points, and no ads with no other need.

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