SoulCraft MOD APK v2.9.9 (Unlimited Gold/Unlock All Character)

App Name SoulCraft
Latest Version v2.9.9
Last Updated May 07, 2022
Publisher MobileBits GmbH
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Role-Playing
Size 119 MB
Google Playstore
4.2 Rating (29)


It is one of the best action gameplay, where you dive into the playground of undefined battles of extreme intensity in-game. This one is an RPG gameplay that offers the users the most intense wars between the good and the evil. The most dramatic warfare in the ultra HD 3D graphics is driven here in the game to offer the users the most enhanced gameplay of ultra classic theme and designed environment.

SoulCraft MOD APK

 Soulcraft mod apk is a roleplay category action-based gameplay based o cutting-edge technology to provide the users with seemingly dangerous battles with powerful weapons and skills against the enemies. You will here take the role of one of the Angel, whose work is to lose himself in the service of saving humankind from the evil power and attacks on the planet.
The sticky storyline attracts all the players to fight fiercely in the battles, reasoning with the cause. You will experience the designer battles and the decisive combats against the evil strengths. Being the Angel, you have to come to the planet where you will attack the evil powers in the chaotic world and save the humans from them.

Soulcraft mod apk comes with terrific designs in the character's outlook; your character is compelling and capable of massive destructions. You will roam around the magnificent cities battling the evil powers like in Venice, Roam, Hamburg, Newyork, Mumbai, Egypt, etc., many modes to explore the battles and collect loots in the process to upgrade the weapons, skills, characters, and sets.

Soulcraft mod apk

Soulcraft mod apk is a premium version of the game offered for free. It's an alternate and modified variant of the original, which provides the users with all the premium tools and the equipment unlocked for free. Here, you get the free unlocked levels, stages, unlocked character, unlocked powers, and free usage of ultra-advanced weapons. Unlimited money, unlimited coins to help the users upgrade and enhance their tools, skills, strength, weapons, and more.

You can purchase any equipment and tool from the game in the store and for free. The mod version is available on our website for you to download for free; no ads policy blocking and removing the ad from the gameplay, enjoy the uninterrupted flow of the gameplay. No rooting is required while installing it and so offering the antiban and antivirus properties in the version

Features of the game

Soulcraft mod apk comes with driven and intense features to explore the concepts of the illusioned world gameplay where you have to save humanity from the evil beasts and demons. We have below discussed some of the features in an elaborated manner;

SoulCraft MOD APK

Astounding graphical representation of elements

You get here the enjoyment of the most enhanced battle as the game's features are designed in the most enhanced protocols. Every element and the outlook of the gameplay comes with the most exciting simulation in the ultra HD graphics. The most outstanding graphics in the 3D world make the gaming outlook very chaotic. The character designs, the perspective of the weapons, battlegrounds based on the realistic world, all such things make the gaming outlook great.

Battle for the good, against the evil

Here, you will take the role of an angel who comes from another world and also have a whole family of yours as the evil forces have attacked humanity and destroyed the beautiful world of humans, killing all of them. You have to come along with your family and friends to save humankind from such evil powers. Join the clashes in the world against the evil forces and kill all of them by fending them away. All kind of resources is available to kill the beasts and demons.

Explore varied locations of the world in battles

Soulcraft mod apk offers the users the chance to explore the world and its popular locations like Venice, Egypt, Newyork, Moscow, Dubai, Mumbai, Capetown, and more beautiful places where all the battles take home a different outlook. The best designs battles are located in the most exciting and beautified scenarios of the world, which are exceptionally well simulated in gaming. You can easily get lost in the serenity of those locations.

SoulCraft MOD APK

Varied game modes to explore

The gameplay of the Soulcraft mod apk comes with varied gameplay modes to explore at different times and situations. You can choose any ways in offline and single-player, like Deathmatch, Timers, Arena, Hell fights, defenses, and boss fights. Each of these levels has different types of gameplay in their version, explore offline or single player in many modes and powerful bosses in complex game style.

Multiplayer mode to play with

Soulcraft mod apk comes with the multiplayer game mode where all the users experience the fashions, the high-level interactions with friends. Bring on your friends to play the best class battles against the enemies. Kill the opponents and the powerful enemies, allies with your friends, and start killing the beasts of evil sources on the planet. You can also interact with random strangers in the user interface availability of chatting and messaging, making them your opponents or allies in the war.

Superficial weapons and upgrades by collecting loots

Soulcraft mod apk comes with varied efficiency and combat battles against powerful enemies in various locations. You have to kill and fend off the mighty beast and the evil powers from the human ground. In killing and battling against the beasts, you will have to deal with the monsters. Upgrade the weapons and tools to destroy the bosses like Armor, swords, items, spells, fear, ax, hammer, etc. Collect loot on the way to earn the rewards and upgrade the tools.

SoulCraft MOD APK


Download the Soulcraft mod apk on our website from the given below link to get the premium features and benefits for free. Explore the deadly battles against evil powers in the illusioned world where you have to save humanity with your strength and power. Immerse In the completely designed dangerous battlegrounds, experience the world of chaos with elements in the tremendous graphical outlook. Enjoy the accessible version of the pro gameplay in the mod, where everything is unlocked for free.

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