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Spatial Touch v1.1.5 MOD APK [Premium] for Android

Spatial Touch
App Name Spatial Touch
Latest Version v1.1.5
Last Updated 14 June 2024
Publisher VTouch.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Tools
Size 70 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (13)


Every touch, from polished marble to rocky terrain, is realistically represented, improving gameplay and browsing. It turns your smartphone into a multimodal portal. Enhance your digital experiences and senses. Download today to rethink touch in the digital era." It has limitless possibilities in the future. It will advance digital engagement with diversity, accessibility, and creativity. Join us as we explore new levels of engagement, immersion, and connection using It And shape technology one touch at a time. Touch meets technology for an unmatched tactile experience on your mobile. Technology has permeated every part of contemporary life, and our interaction with digital gadgets has evolved. The revolutionary Idea redefines touchscreen experiences. It Transforms human-technology interaction into a palpable, immersive, and highly engaging experience. It uses cutting-edge haptic feedback, augmented reality, and sensory stimulation to connect the physical and digital worlds. This breakthrough allows users to touch virtual worlds instead of only seeing and hearing them. Imagine walking across a virtual setting and touching the harsh mountain terrain or polished marble in a digital art museum. It enables multimodal immersion and engagement beyond conventional bounds. Itmakes touch a tangible reality while gaming, exploring virtual worlds, or surfing the web. Join us as we reinvent technology and maximize digital experiences.

Spatial Touch MOD APK


In a world where technology is everywhere, digital engagement keeps pushing limits. Revolutionizes digital gadget interaction. It Offers a multisensory experience unlike any other touchscreen with its innovative features.

Replace stuff and things

One of the key features of Itis the seamless integration of haptic feedback technology. Itbrings tactile experiences to every interaction, replacing flat, lifeless touchscreens. Haptic feedback enhances digital immersion, whether it's a notification's subtle vibration or a virtual button's gratifying click. A genuinely realistic interaction blurs the barriers between reality and virtuality because users can feel surface texture, virtual item weight, and impact.

Augmented Reality Enhancement

Itelevates AR by introducing tactile input into AR situations. Advanced sensors and spatial mapping allow users to interact with virtual items as if they were real. Want to experience furniture texture before buying online? You can use Spatial Touch. Point your smartphone at the thing to feel its touch, weight, and dimensions for a more intuitive and immersive buying experience.

One of the most innovative elements of Itis its ability

To mimic numerous sensations concurrently, producing a genuinely multimodal experience. It Enhances immersion and engagement using tactile feedback, aural, and visual cues. It Synchronizes haptic input with audiovisual stimuli to provide a seamless, immersive sensory experience in virtual environments, games, and videos.

Itdelivers configurable feedback profiles

To meet individual preferences and sensitivities. Users may alter strength, duration, and kind of haptic feedback to fit their requirements. It Lets you control your digital experience with subtle or strong vibrations. Tactile feedback may be customized to meet personal tastes and improve usability using predefined presets and custom profiles.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

It Enhances immersion and sets new standards for gamers. It Adds realism to games by incorporating haptic input into gaming settings. Haptic feedback—whether it's weapon recoil, explosion rumbling, or terrain sensation—improves the game experience and connects players to the virtual environment.

Accessibility tools

Prioritizes inclusivity and offers tools to enhance digital engagement for all users. It Provides customized feedback profiles for sensory sensitive users and audiovisual signals for visually impaired users to offer a smooth and intuitive digital experience. It Improves usability and digital diversity by promoting accessibility.

Spatial Touch MOD APK

Seamless Device Integration

It Provides a uniform user experience across all platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Cloud-based syncing lets users switch devices without losing settings or progress, enabling multi-device engagement. It Makes your digital experience smooth and immersive at home, on the road, or switching devices.

New touches and effects

It Offers a complete collection of developer tools and APIs that enable developers to build immersive and interactive experiences. Developers may use haptic feedback SDKs and spatial mapping frameworks to add Itinto their applications and games. We encourage creativity and innovation in the development community by giving them the tools they need to maximize Spatial Touch's potential, advancing digital engagement.

Improved Productivity and Workflow

Itnot only revolutionizes entertainment and gaming, but also enhances productivity and workflow applications. Imagine feeling the texture of various materials while developing a 3D model or typing on a touchscreen keyboard with simulated keys. It Makes tactile activities like graphic creation, CAD modeling, and data visualization easier and faster. Ielts people unleash their creativity and productivity like never before by making digital content interaction more natural and intuitive.

Immersive Learning Experiences

It May significantly improve education. It immerses learners with haptic input and instructional information to improve retention. It Brings things to life in ways that textbooks and lectures cannot, whether it's examining ancient artifacts in a virtual museum, dissecting a virtual frog in biology class, or touching rocks and minerals in geology class. It May transform digital learning and teaching by encouraging curiosity, engagement, and discovery.

It May improve health and wellness applications

By offering tailored experiences that encourage physical and emotional well-being. Consider a meditation app that employs haptic feedback to aid relaxation techniques or a fitness app that delivers real-time form and technique feedback. It Empowers people to manage their health and make good lifestyle choices by adding tactile sensations to health and wellness apps.

Social Interaction and Communication

It might revolutionize digital communication and connections. Haptic feedback brings emotional expression and connection to digital interactions, whether it's delivering a virtual embrace to a loved one, feeling a virtual handshake at a meeting, or feeling a virtual high-five in a multiplayer game. It Improves user interactions across distances by adding tactile sensations to social media, messaging applications, and virtual reality.

Spatial Touch MOD APK


Spatial Touch MOD APK shows the limitless possibilities of human inventiveness in digital connection. Spatial Touch's haptic feedback, augmented reality, multisensory simulation, and other elements have revolutionized technology, giving consumers an immersive and engaging experience. It Has transformed entertainment, gaming, productivity, education, health, wellness, and social interaction, enabling creativity, connection, and discovery. Developer tools and APIs, together with its seamless device connectivity, enable developers and consumers to push the limits of digital innovation.

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