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Whether or not you’ve watched the Star Wars movies, you must have heard about this series at least once. It’s one of the most-watched movie series of the last decade, as consisting of over 1 Billion fans. Star Wars is everyone’s favourite, and also it contains various admirable casts that you love while watching it. If you’re a Marvel or DC fan and love watching such movies, then you must need to watch the Star Wars series at least once. So today, we’re here to provide you with the information about a Star Wars game, termed Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Game Name Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Role-Playing
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v0.23.742101
Last Update
05 May  2021
67 MB

It’s a top-notch game operating on the same story as the movie Galaxy of Heroes. Here you can enjoy all those characters, rivals as well as the weapons with the realistic graphics and the immersive sound quality. Still, if you are a gigantic enthusiast of Star Wars, then we’ll provide you with the modified version of Star Wars game consisting of the impeccable features that you can’t even imagine. Enjoy it!

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

Play the world’s best role-playing game

For all the Galaxy of Heroes Fans, EA have developed a Star Wars game based on the story Galaxy of Heroes. It was published five years ago for the smartphones consisting of both the OS, Android and iOS. Moreover, they’re updating lots of tweaks in this game every week with tremendous new upgrades including the weapons, maps and graphics.

If we talk about right now, Star Wars is serving over 50 Million gamers, and these numbers are increasing every day with rapid growth. So if you’re a Star Wars Fan, then you also need to download it and join the Star Wars army!

A strategy game for all the Star Wars fans

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a strategic android game developed with HD graphics and the elegant sound BGMs. It’s one of the EA Capital games and comprises lots of unique tweaks. At the starting of the game, they’ll provide you with your first hero Jedi and a professional Clone hero. In Star Wars, every hero holds a unique ability, and in the case of Jedi, you’ll get the Healing power free of charge. After acquiring the heroes, you need to fight the battles and increase your XP for unlocking the new champions.

Excepting the story, you can also explore the Store in Star Wars consisting of purchasable Data cards. You can acquire these packs via crystals and can unlock the legendary heroes like Clone Wars Chewbacca and Ice Beast. Moreover, you can also buy the Hyperdrive Bundle, which is full of resources, characters, ships, and add-ons after paying some charges.

Gather the Iconic Starships and construct champions

Excepting the add-ons and the graphics of the game, Star Wars also showers a considerable collection of Iconic Starships in the game. There are over 100 distinct types of Starships offered in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Here, you can experience the power of Endurance, Home One, Executrix, Slave I, TIE Silencer and all the legendary ships that you only watched on the television. Time to experience all those ships with the realistic android game.

Within the ships, Star Wars is also offering you a feature to construct your own champions, same like the movie story. You can build here or also can purchase the legendary heroes like Baze Malbus, Grand Moff Tarkin, and the TIE Fighter Pilot. So get ready for this fantastic game!

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

An energetic and magical Star Wars

Star Wars is a legendary android game with the optimum graphics and the breathtaking game story. It offers you all the realistic characters and the iconic Spaceships same as the Star Wars movie. But still, lots of the assets, characters and the ships are paid in the game which you can only acquire after spending thousands of Indian Rupees there.

Well, no one likes spending real money in a game, even if it’s Star Wars. Keeping that in mind, we’ve developed the modified version of Star Wars – Star Wars MOD APK. It’s an unbelievable game which contains lots of exceptional features like God MOD, endless energy and the free shopping menu. And all it takes is a download button listed on the below-most link. So must download that game and enjoy all its splendid features free of cost!

Your most favourite God MOD is here

GOD MOD is the most desired feature of every gamer playing the Star Wars game, since, at the challenging levels, the game becomes damn formidable to complete. So for all our beginner friends and also the professional ones stuck on the most problematic levels, Star Wars MOD APK is the best option. This version will grant you God MOD, by which you can defeat all the toughest enemies in inferior hits instantly. So download this modification right now, and start your Star Wars journey today.

Play with the unlimited energy till the eternity

Energy is one of the resources in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. At the starting of the game, you’ll get the entirely filled energy bar which gets decreased on every single fight you play. For levying it, you can either wait for the entire day or also can purchase 120 energy in 50 crystals. But after downloading the Star Wars MOD APK, you neither need to invest your time nor crystals since it’ll provide you with unlimited energy which won’t end even if you play the highest number of turns per level.

Experience the entire shopping menu unlocked

Excepting the energy and GOD MOD one more unique godsend is waiting for you inside the Star Wars MOD APK. So basically, the Star Wars MOD APK is a 100% free game. Yeah, you heard right, this recreation is embedded with the open shopping menu which lets you buy anything including the characters, SpaceShips, Data Cards or even Resources. So what’re you waiting for? Download this exceptional game and experience all your favourite characters and legendary spaceships without paying a single penny.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk

Play your favourite title without getting interrupted

Within all the above features, Star Wars MOD APK is a 100% interruption-free app. So if you’re going for the official version, then please wait for some moments and enjoy the MOD APK first, since the official game is full of ads which will ruin your will to play the game and make you hate the Star Wars. Download the Star Wars MOD APK and play it without interruption, neither banner nor video!

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • God Mod
  • Unlimited energy
  • Free Shopping
  • No Ads

Download Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod Apk + (God Mod /No Ads For Android)

Download Your Mod Game

Final Verdict

After completing the article, you can observe all the features and the free benefits available in the Star Wars MOD APK. Well, it’s a highly compressed game which can work in almost every Android smartphone, so don’t get stressed if you’re using a low-configured smartphone. Just download it and experience free shopping with infinite energy!

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