State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk (v1.8.51) + No Skill CD + No Ads For Android


Hi, State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Game Player’s If you are looking to download the Latest State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk (v1.8.51) + No Skill CD + No Ads For Android, then congratulations you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what the Specialty of State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Android Game and its Mod Version Apk will provide you one Click Fastest CDN Drive Link to download, so you can easily download the State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Android Strategy Game.

Game Name The state of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
User Reviews 4.6 out of 5
Current Version v1.8.51
Size 143 MB

What’s the Story of State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

It has been six months since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the city. Six months of battle against terror, terror, and zombies. You are a survivor and your friends are in a brave fight against the demons. Build a city that survives the constant waves of zombies. Welcome to the survival situation. Ready for a strategy survival game!

State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

Zombie infection has spread throughout the country with the transition to civilization. Now it is time for survival, as the living army and government have gone underground.


The world is now infected. It is time to build a city with a strategy to survive zombies and monsters.

The plague is expanding rapidly, and people need a hero! They need a survivor because the only goal is to survive!

In this adventure, you can make friends or fight against other survivors. Shoot the zombies with your sniper gun in FPS mode. Death is coming and the battleground is just for the heroes, so build an army!
Do everything you can to survive this terrible war.

Winning the battle will not be easy. The infected are everywhere and you have a war against the zombie army on your hands! Resources are scarce and you should dispose of what you can get from the canker of society.


Create a new city, squad, and strategy to survive in this MMORPG. Become a zombie hunter! It is time to be alive.

This is a new world. A new shooting survival multiplayer! Create a strategy and make your story. You can bomb or kill zombies! Collect gold, coins and anything necessary to survive in this disastrous time. Shooting is not always an option, you should build a PvP army! Target the zombies, end the terror, and survive the war!

State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

Amazing New Features of State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

to rebuild
In the absence of the military, build your colony to build a safe haven for your survivors and build the foundation for your post-apocalypse zombie world. It is time for your strategy to be real! Fight the virus of the walking dead! It is time for war!


State of Survival Rescue-:
Save the survivors from the fight to increase your numbers and strength to fight your infected zombies. Locate them with special abilities as heroes of plague warfare! shooting time!

The state of Survival The research-:
Zombie army disease is mutating rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it and plan your strategy before the invasion of zombies. Whoever can control the infection controls the world! There is a war and it is all about survival!

State of Survival Socialize-:
There is strength in unity. Create alliances and form strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of an infected forest. Whoever joins the army tries to take advantage of you in battle and tries to prepare for war against zombies.

State of Survival Rip the Manual-:
This is humanity 2.0. Rethink the rules of how you want mankind to survive and defeat the invading army. It is a survival strategy vs zombies shooter game and there is no military to save you.

What’s New in Recent Update?

-State Warfare Optimizations:
Optimized the rules description and display effect for Preparation, Warfare and Revival Stage.
New Stage, Recuperation Stage, added.
New round of tests will be held in different States in the early July.
-New event featuring Hero Ken added, Chiefs can complete daily tasks and join Top-up Event to achieve great rewards!
-Optimized the display effect of Wilderness Zoom Out
-Updated new Hero Stories for Maddie, Lucky, Sarge, Ghost, Rusty and Ken.
State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

User Opinion About State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Gun Shooter Mod Apk

1st User-:   I really liked this game until a level 19 alliance relocate into our area and proceeded to attack us for hours on end, and since our alliance was all new players, there was absolutely nothing we could do except wait for them to get bored and leave. It’s like waiting for a hurricane to end. It’s not fun when other players attack you relentlessly and you have no recourse except to go play a different game until they’re bored.


 2nd User-:  I love the game story, but most times when I try to log in it’ll just be buffering or loading forever and I cannot get in except for maybe 2 days. It’ll let me in one day, the I can’t get on for a few days, then I’m able yo get in again, now having a hard time getting in. I’ve been kicked from an alliance because I “didn’t contribute to the cause”, during the time I couldn’t get into the game. Other than the issue of not letting me actually play it’s a good game.

 3rd User-:  Really great game. Don’t have to spend money unless you want to! I would give it a 5 star but after playing for like a half-hour you have to close the game and reopen it. Cause it likes to start going super slow. But I’m sure they will fix it. Get so into playing that I lose track of time. The great storyline too. Lots of things to keep you busy playing. I would for sure give this game a try!!

State of Survival Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Mod Apk

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • No Skill CD
  • Unlimited Skills
  • Menu
  • No Ads

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