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Stickmans of Wars v4.9.4 MOD APK [Unlimited Money, Mod Menu]

Stickmans of Wars
App Name Stickmans of Wars
Latest Version v4.9.4
Last Updated 27 May 2024
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Role-Playing
Size 180 MB
Google Playstore
3.5 Rating (20)


There are countless choices available to you once you join Stickmans of Wars. Similar to previous iterations, the main objective of the player is to lead their army in battle and eradicate all opposing forces. Furthermore, it is imperative for you to procure resources to augment military apparatus and fortifications. Those actions are only ancillary to the main objective of ensuring that you possess adequate capability to confront an opponent who is progressively growing stronger. The Stickmen of Wars game presents a diverse range of dangers that extend beyond human opponents. There are instances when you may need to participate in a confrontation with a group of aggressive wolves. The wolf's survival instincts have been honed to perfection due to its living in the snow. Regardless of the existence of this formidable creature, it is imperative that you keep your composure.

Stickmans of Wars MOD APK

One of the finest military simulation

In the realm of military simulations, possessing a substantial quantity of "combatants" is an indispensable prerequisite. Creating a sizable group of characters with unique physical attributes is a highly demanding task. Therefore, producers in this category often make extensive use of rods. Rods offer the advantage of being easy to build while providing a broad spectrum of possible movements. By employing this configuration, even with a hundred subordinates at your disposal, you will not encounter ennui. In the realm of warfare, possessing a substantial military force fosters assurance and dedication.

In order to ensure one's survival, it is imperative to engage in combat.

Based on its outward look, Stickmen of Wars is a superb role-playing game. It was a significant milestone for mobile first-person shooter games. Players will be able to engage in intense gun battles in a manner that has not been previously contemplated. The objective of this technique is to showcase your dominance and garner the admiration of your opponent. Stickmans of Wars is a popular game that merges entertaining stickman characters with an authentic military backdrop, contributing to its widespread appeal.

Fight for the nation

The warriors in this game participate in military conflict as soldiers representing their respective nationalities. Every single one of their attacks is a constituent of a larger military tactic. In other words, they are armed people who engage in combat to safeguard their homeland. Stickman of combat is a remarkable online combat game that consistently impresses players with its visually appealing military game design and extensive shooting features. Stickman of War is the one deviation from this principle.

Stickmans of Wars MOD APK

World of players for users

This game is among a variety of options accessible on the internet for players to engage in. Mobile army games have never been more engaging and filled with the exhilaration of participating in battles than they are now. When participating in a casual online shooter, you have the opportunity to engage in combat as an individual soldier, eliminate the enemy forces, construct your fortress and troops, accumulate wealth, and partake in any other activities that you find enticing. Stickmen of Wars is a game that will be appreciated by individuals who derive pleasure from engaging in multiplayer games.

Online battle game

Upon initiating the Stickman of Wars online battle game, you will promptly be immersed in the midst of the action. Adopt a more relaxed and casual approach to collecting the necessary resources. Build and enhance your military headquarters by utilizing the materials you have gathered through your exploration and procurement. In order to enhance your shooting proficiency, it is imperative to fabricate and amass armor. Similar to most conventional action role-playing games, you will have the ability to utilize and upgrade your arsenal of weapons and equipment.

Equip with better items and valuable assets

While traversing the region, you can obtain monetary funds and other valuable assets by engaging in combat with the opponent's established military forces. To obtain supplementary resources, equipment, and weaponry, it is necessary to engage in combat with the armed forces responsible for guarding the dungeon. By participating in battles against ever formidable armies of non-combatant adversaries, you will consistently advance in levels.  Stickman of Wars is an online first-person shooter that distinguishes itself from other action role-playing games by offering a diverse array of tools.

Stickmans of Wars MOD APK


Download Stickman of Wars MOD APK to dive into the beauty of this action game. Despite being an action role-playing game, this remains true. Construct your fortress using timber, and as you advance in the game, augment your skills. In order to produce the essential equipment and weaponry for your war-themed role-playing game, you must gather the required technological resources for their manufacturing. By obtaining ammunition, you can improve your weaponry and equipment, enabling you to shoot with greater precision and reduce the amount of damage you receive.

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