Tales Noir v1.2.0 APK + MOD [Free Rewards] for Android

Tales Noir
App Name Tales Noir
Latest Version v1.2.0
Last Updated 06 January 2024
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Role-Playing
Size 1.3 GB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (11)


Tales noir being an adventurous gameplay is designed in the setting where you get to choose prince and princess in your team. There are access to over hundreds of characters and powerful heroes to select and continuously upgrade them with time. These characters allow you to suitably participate in the battles which enhances your chances of winning. Upgrading and unlocking new levels to play with fearful elements and enjoy having good time with the game is somehow the close concept that is must. Download the game for free and have fun with its awesome modified benefits offered in this version.

Tales Noir MOD APK

Engaging rpg mechanics and realistic elements

whatever you think of is here to offer you with incredible kind of pleasures playing against powerful teams. There are a wide variety of the opponents that come in different levels to deal with. Where you choose some playable characters from your side to start dealing with them and bring winning to your lap.

Five different sets of class

these characters here are presented to you in different forms and classes. So you get to choose out of five distinct classes of characters that matter in the time. Where each character possesses its own unique and attractive powers. So each class here has its own powers and skills that offers you endless fun through its amazing battles.

Customize characters of different branches

as the game brings access to different classes and branches of characters. Each having their own standards of skills and set of characteristics to choose as per the requirements. The gameplay here takes you on another level of intimacy with battles. Where you can easily customize them with all aspects including skins, looks, hat, color, weapons, etc and all. So to make them appear in your style brings a little more engagement with the game.

Never thrilling action scenes

the game offers its users with the top notch action scenes to participate and play into. The game has its own style and shape of action that brings you the awesome action through a range of weapons and characters power to showcase. This is something which attracts your heart. Appealing the most enhanced sequences to be in your journey against the deadly opponents.

Tales Noir MOD APK

Upgrade and progress your characters

all you need and must be focused on us enhancing and continuously upgrading the power of your characters. Each character has its own unique charm and skills that come at your hand to enjoy the necessary weapons and equipment, reasonable fighting prowess and capabilities to deal with the stronger enemies. So it is just needed to upgrade and customize them over time in the period.

Intricate fighting system

tales noir mod apk brings a different level rpg battle mechanics to participate and enjoy. Where the difference between branches and classes brings superior benefits for users to enjoy. A place where you get to enjoy the top level comfort in fighting within the intricate system that has its own style of dealing with attacks and different forms of battles.

Hundreds of amazing characters

users are freely offered the easy access to over hundreds of characters with their own set of skilled power and capacity. These princes and princesses in your team will have a different level of impact to your gameplay where you get to involve yourself in the next level of fun and indulgence to strong opponents in battles. These characters can be unlocked and improved with time to become more powerful as a team.

Ultimate version for unlimited money

for users looking to have something as abilities in the game to enjoy and showcase to the game modes. They must get this mod to download and enjoy its premium characters unlocked and brought to you with amazing skills. Get access to unlimited money and coins to use them in the further upgrades and improvements within the gameplay.

Tales Noir MOD APK


download takes noir mod apk is an exclusive and attentive battles game that is addictive in its nature. It brings to you the rpg elements to play with stronger characters and participate in endless battles. This amazing game has its own style of offering that brings you the fun and endless possibilities to participate in the deadly battles. You must have this modified version to enjoy and experience some really good gameplay ahead with your pals.

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