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That's Not My Neighbor v1.1.0.0 MOD APK [Full Game] for Android

That's Not My Neighbor
App Name That's Not My Neighbor
Latest Version v1.1.0.0
Last Updated 25 May 2024
Publisher TravConsult Games.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Puzzle
Size 265 MB
Google Playstore
4.7 Rating (7)


Explore intriguing encounters and uncover secrets with more suspense and intrigue. This enhanced version lets you modify your gameplay and easily explore the scary neighborhood. Adventure through twists, turns, and surprising findings with your inner detective. Download today to experience a thrilling story where every choice determines your fate. Don't miss this chance to upgrade your gameplay. Download "That's not my Neighbor" MOD APK now for an unforgettable trip. Beyond entertaining, "That's not my Neighbor" APK explores paranoia, obsession, and reality. The game forces players to think critically, make challenging choices, and face their anxieties with its branching stories and hidden mysteries. Finally, "That's not my Neighbor" APK establishes a new bar for mobile gaming with its fascinating and thought-provoking experience. This game offers an amazing trip into the unknown for serious or casual gamers.

That's Not My Neighbor MOD APK

That's not my neighbor mod apk

Experience mystery and intrigue with "That's not my Neighbor" APK. This interesting neighborhood has secrets behind every door and danger in the shadows. In this engaging journey, you play an inquisitive protagonist trying to understand your unusual neighbor. Your wits and nerves will be tested as you solve riddles, reveal secrets, and face unsettling confrontations with each round. Expect a narrative-driven experience where every choice matters. "That's not my Neighbor" offers an exciting, suspenseful ride for detectives of all levels. Download today for a fantastic adventure.


"That's not my Neighbor" APK is a thrilling journey into intrigue and mystery, not just another smartphone game. This engrossing game keeps players on edge with spine-tingling encounters and mind-bending difficulties. Let's examine the game's various elements that make it essential for adrenaline enthusiasts.

An engaging story:

The fascinating story of "That's not my Neighbor" APK unfolds with each minute. Players play an interested protagonist who gets involved in their neighbor's mystery. Explore the ingeniously crafted stages to find clues, put together the plot, and reveal the dark mysteries under the surface.

Interactive Gameplay:

Interactive gameplay makes "That's not my Neighbor" APK stand out. This game enables creative interaction with the surroundings, unlike touch-based mobile games. Whether you're looking for clues, solving complex riddles, or outwitting your enemies, every move affects the tale.

Immersive Settings:

From the terrifying neighborhood streets to your neighbor's labyrinthine passageways, "That's not my Neighbor" APK's expertly built surroundings immerse players in the action. Each environment is detailed and immersive, with dynamic lighting, realistic sound effects, and interactive components.

Dynamic AI:

In "That's not my Neighbor" APK, your neighbor is a crafty foe with a plan. Our advanced AI system adjusts to your actions, keeping each encounter unique and surprising. You must keep one step ahead to get the truth, whether you're sneaking past your neighbor or playing cat and mouse.

Multiple Endings:

"That's not my Neighbor" APK's decisions have major effects on the tale. Each game is different with several endings, keeping players coming back. Will you discover the truth and survive, or will the evil inside consume you? Choice is yours.

Changeable Features:

If you want to modify your gameplay, "That's not my Neighbor" APK has several options. The game lets you customise the difficulty, visuals, and bonuses to fit your play style.

Regular updates:

Amidst short attention spans and changing trends, "That's not my Neighbor" APK stands out as a symbol of durability and sustainability. The game evolves and grows with frequent upgrades and new patches, keeping players captivated for months or years.

Challenges vary:

"That's not my Neighbor" APK presents a variety of puzzles that test your wits and talents. Each task offers new exploration and discovery, from decoding cryptic clues to conquering perilous barriers. Every obstacle is designed to keep you on your toes and engrossed in the action, whether you're discovering secret tunnels, cracking electronic locks, or avoiding your neighbor's persistent pursuit.

That's Not My Neighbor MOD APK

Air Music:

An ambient music is essential for a thrilling journey, and "That's not my Neighbor" APK delivers. With a hauntingly beautiful music written exclusively for the game, every note and tune heightens suspense and immerses players in the sinister neighborhood. The intriguing music adds drama and intensity to every scene, whether you're sneaking through gloomy passageways or fighting your neighbor.

Secrets and Easter Eggs:

For gamers who want to explore their games, "That's not my Neighbor" APK has many hidden secrets and Easter eggs. The game rewards curiosity and attention to detail with hidden pathways, secret rooms, cryptic messages, and arcane allusions. Each discovery, whether it's a buried treasure or the neighborhood's history, enriches the experience.

Community Engagement:

In addition to its exciting single-player experience, "That's not my Neighbor" APK includes community involvement and cooperation.The community makes you feel more connected to the game and its universe, whether you're asking for help with a challenging task or sharing your tale speculations.

Psychological Depth:

After its first fright, "That's not my Neighbor" APK explores paranoia, obsession, and the blurred limits between truth and hallucination in both the player and the neighbor. You'll discover psychological intricacy that deepens the story and challenges your understanding of the characters and their motives as you play.


Due to its branching plots and different endings, "That's not my Neighbor" APK is replayable forever, unlike many narrative-driven games. Every playthrough is different since your choices affect the game. Each playing feels like a fresh adventure, whether you're uncovering secrets, establishing new allies, or falling to darkness.


The mobile-optimized "That's not my Neighbor" APK provides a smooth, touch-controlled gameplay experience. The game's easy design and snappy controls enable you play anytime, anyplace on a smartphone or tablet. "That's not my Neighbor" APK redefines mobile gaming with its stunning visuals and gameplay.

Accessibility Options:

Because inclusion is important in gaming, "That's not my Neighbor" APK provides a variety of accessibility choices for players of all abilities. The game lets users customize their experience with changeable difficulty and control schemes. "That's not my Neighbor" APK delivers the excitement of adventure to all gamers, whether they're veterans searching for a challenge or newcomers looking for a more relaxing experience.

Event and Challenge: Community

Long after the game's debut, "That's not my Neighbor" APK runs community challenges and events to bring players together and test their abilities against fresh and intriguing challenges. These events, from timed speedruns to cooperative multiplayer missions, encourage gamers to challenge themselves and show off their gaming skills. New challenges are introduced often, so "That's not my Neighbor" APK always has something new to look forward to.

That's Not My Neighbor MOD APK


Finally, "That's not my Neighbor" APK is a game and a story that immerses players in suspense and mystery. From the start to the end, the game's captivating plot, dynamic gaming mechanisms, and beautifully produced landscapes keep players hooked. Dynamic AI, numerous endings, configurable features, and frequent updates make each playtime new and surprising, tempting players to return to the neighborhood.

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