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The Secret Elevator Remastered v3.2.12 MOD APK [Unlocked]

The Secret Elevator Remastered
App Name The Secret Elevator Remastered
Latest Version v3.2.12
Last Updated 18 July 2023
Publisher Kids Games LLC.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Adventure
Size 766 MB
Google Playstore
3.8 Rating (24)


The game where all your fantasies can come true, that lets you explore the endless beauty of this world with the latest elements of fun, horror, imagination and more. The secret elevator remastered mod apk is an incredible gameplay where users get transported to a whole new journey of different fantasies and elements at play. It's not something easy and not too difficult, but everything depends on your perspectives. Each step ahead takes you into a new story and new fantasies. Where anything could happen as imagination. Getting this awesome game at your access will definitely bring to you the fun which will be endless and will open new possibilities. You can get this awesome game with mod benefits here for free.

The Secret Elevator Remastered MOD APK


the secret elevator remastered mod apk is an adventure game application which is especially discovered for kids and includes various exciting and stunning features. Some of the available features of the game are given below:

enigmatic moment to experience within

the secret elevator remastered mod apk is a game about getting trapped in a fearful dream and players need to find a way so that they can come out of that dream. It provides the exciting and fun experience to its players with a dream which is adventurous and can never turn into reality as it does not have any sense as it was just a memory flowing repeatedly.

End is the new beginning

the game begins when you come back at the end of the day and want to relax by taking a small nap but somehow everything changes as you wake up because everything around you was changed in a strange way and was surprising. After some time the character of the game gets to know that he got trapped in a fearful dream instead of waking up and then he felt nervous and was trying to find a way that would help him to get rid of this strange dream.

Explore new worlds with different outlook

players get to explore various new things and new world in the game as they have got trapped into a very unusual and terrified dream which is panicking them and there are many doors in their dream which are leading them to various new world like in a house below the mountain with snow all around and a big school with classroom comprising tables and chairs instead of children's.

The Secret Elevator Remastered MOD APK

Different storylines to immerse into

the story of the dream includes the train running with uncountable carriages and there is an apartment building with an uncountable number of floors. The common thing in the dream is that there is no one else except you. The dream is signifying the feeling of solitude and therefore you need to quickly come out of that dream otherwise there will be a big challenge coming your way.

Search for the secret which is there

the game is all about finding a very quick and simple way to get out of the adventure place of your dream but for this you need various hints and clues that would help you out from this adverse situation by solving the mystery quickly. Task is to know about the reason behind the repetitions of these mysterious scenes in your dream because it doesn't happen without any perspective, it is related to the events of real life. By solving all the mysteries you can come out of that terrifying dream.

Easy to install and unlocked premium features

the secret elevator remastered mod apk is a modified version of the game and it comes with all the premium features already unlocked and allows its players free access to such premium features and as it is available on google play store players can download it on their android devices for free. The game is very fun and entertaining but also scary and terrifying so play carefully and be aware of all the clues and hints provided within it.

The Secret Elevator Remastered MOD APK


download the secret elevator remastered mod apk which is a fantasy game beyond imagination. Where you get indulged in the fantastic atmosphere surrounded with different elements and beautiful scenes. Places where new elements come to play allow you to explore the brilliant convenience and methods of indulging into fantasies. Where each door takes you to new world with immersive experience.

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