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Online dating sites frequently claim that they have fundamentally altered the dating landscape for the better. Well, that’s right since we all have technologically evolved a lot and now are building our own things vigorously. Gone the last days where we were supposed just to look at the partner’s picture and accept to marry. Nowadays, we can use various online dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble, Zoosk, OkCupid and Match.

Game Name Tinder Mod Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Music & Audio
User Reviews 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v12.10.0
Last Update
14 June 2021
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Here in dating platforms, we can not only look at the picture of girls/boys but also we can meet them, observe the similarities and dissimilarities before choosing them as a life partner. Well, whenever we talk about online dating platforms, the first thing which comes in our mind is Tinder, as it’s the world’s best and the most beloved dating platform. It has possessed over millions of users finding for a short or long-term date.

Tinder Mod Apk

So today we’re here discussing the same application Tinder, and also will offer you the modified version of Tinder named as Tinder Premium MOD APK. It’s an exceptional recreation consisting of the best features that will astound you. So get ready for finding your date more conveniently than the official Tinder, with the same server. Download Tinder Premium MOD APK!

A platform to meet your love and get bonded

Tinder is a location-based smartphone application used by young adults. It’s an incredible platform which has helped in providing dates to over millions of users worldwide. It’ll help you a lot as in finding your date, life partner, and also enhancing your communication skills for eternity. It’s developed for almost all the platforms like Android, iOS, as well as Windows. So either if you have any of the gadgets, you can use this software damn smoothly as Google.

If we look at the app, It contains a user-friendly UI where all you need is to create your account either with your Mobile Number, E-mail ID or Facebook account. Afterwards, you can merely enter the app page and can look at all dates near you without even inscribing your location, since it’s a location-based platform. Moreover, you can also fill your university or School name inside the Tinder app for finding the dates in your nearest places.

Dating platform consisting of over 10 Million daily users

Tinder is an awesome dating platform developed for Android smartphones. It’s available on Google Play Store and downloaded over 100 Million times till now, so you can trust it simply. Moreover, it’s ranked as #1 top-grossing Lifestyle app as it’ll help you in finding a new date and changing your lifestyle simultaneously. If we take a look at its statistics, then we can notice that Tinder is right now being used by over 50 Million users and over 10 million daily active users.

Moreover, there is 30 billion number of matches available in Tinder which are sufficient to astound you. It’s available in over 190 different countries, so it’s a huge chance for you to make a foreigner girlfriend or boyfriend. Sounds Cool, right? Well, it doesn’t end here since there are over hundreds of overwhelming features available inside this dating app, that we can’t describe in an article.

And still, if you’re bored of this platform, then you can also download the modified version of Tinder from the below-most download link and can also take a look at the features provided by it from below sections. Go for it!

Tinder Mod Apk

Same dating platform in a crispier way

Time for doing some hilarious task!! Making all our single friends mingle and helping them enhance their entire lifestyle. Introducing Tinder Premium MOD APK which is the modification of the Tinder app consisting of numerous impeccable features that you can’t even think of. Well, Tinder is a cool app and also it offers immense traits, but still, there are a few drawbacks which can get cleared by this modified app.

Tinder Premium MOD APK comes with various overwhelming benefits, as you can rewind the last swipe here which isn’t possible in the official Tinder app without purchasing the premium subscription. Moreover, you can also look at the picture of a guy/girl watched your profile free of cost. Got astounded right? So why not click on the download button and make this astonishing platform all yours!!

Here you’ll get Rewind Last Swipe Unlocked

One of the most overwhelming features inside the Tinder Premium MOD APK is the unlimited rewind. Like if you’re using the official version of Tinder, then you must need to subscribe the Tinder Plus subscription or pay 367.07 INR per month for making infinite swipe. It’s one of the most annoying things too since it’s hilarious while you left-swipe a girl and can’t get her back.

Just forget about this obstacle and download the Tinder Premium MOD APK. This modification will provide you with infinite rewind to look at all the profiles till you like one. So make endless rewinds, Download Tinder Premium MOD APK.

Allows you to view a picture of who liked you

Tinder is a dating application, but why to choose a dating platform, when you can’t even look at the picture of the girl/boy who liked you. Yeah, you heard right, if you don’t have downloaded and used it yet, then please stop at the current instant and go for the modified application named Tinder Premium MOD APK.

It’ll allow you to look the picture of any gut liked your profile. But still, as we can’t breach the server, you can only open the photo of a single guy from the entire list.

Sadly, server-sided features won’t work

Well, Tinder Premium MOD APK is obviously a premium app since not a single application can provide you with the same features available in this app. But still, there are lots of the server-sided feature that we can’t track easily like Super like, super boost, Choose who sees you, and control your profile.

But don’t worry, since we’re working damn hard daily for creating the best features to help you. Till now, you can download this app and can enjoy the above-listed benefits.

Tinder Mod Apk

A single dating platform consisting of no online ads

Again as a Tinder Plus subscription feature, we’re granting you the No-ad interface in the Tinder Premium MOD APK. So within these, you can make fun while swiping since you won’t ever get interrupted even while chatting with your date and finding new dates. Download it right now, and enjoy the entirety!

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Rewind Last Swipe Unlocked
  • View a picture of who liked you. (only 1)
  • Server sided features will not work
  • No Ads

Download Tinder Mod Apk + (Unlocked Features/No Ads)

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Final Suggestions for Tinder Premium MOD APK

As the final suggestions, we can say that Tinder Premium MOD APK is an excellent app for all the dating platform seekers since you can’t get such hilarious features in any other android dating app like this modification. Moreover, it’s a 100% safe app which is tested over 100 times to make you feel safe for your data. Download it right now and take a step towards finding your dates conveniently.

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      Provided Mod Apk Features
      Rewind Last Swipe Unlocked
      View picture of who liked you. (only 1)
      Server sided features will not work
      No Ads


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