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Toca Boca Jr v2.8 MOD APK [Unlimited all, Unlocked] for Android

Toca Boca Jr
App Name Toca Boca Jr
Latest Version v2.8
Last Updated 07 June 2024
Publisher Play Piknik.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Casual
Size 320 MB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (30)


Are you ready for an exciting, personalised journey? Prepare for an extraordinary, personalised experience. Start playing your way and discover limitless possibilities. Toca boca jr. Is the best collection of toca boca's favourite kids' games in one amazing app! Toca boca jr. Is the best preschool playground! This amazing programme is full of fun exercises to spark imagination, creativity, and limitless possibilities for kids. Piknik's newest member, toca boca jr. One membership opens up endless play and learning possibilities. Prepare for an unforgettable trip where imagination runs wild.

Toca Boca Jr MOD APK

Start having fun today with this outstanding building game

our special unlimited plan opens infinite possibilities. Get the best preschool apps from toca boca and sago mini. Inspire your kids' imagination in a compelling digital world. Don't miss this rare chance to inspire their creativity and development. Get our unlimited plan today and watch magic happen. Enter the magical world of nature and meet a variety of wonderful species. Be generous by feeding these intriguing animals from your abundant crop.

Explore a realm of natural beauty and boundless adventure.

Create a world where you may shape nature with your creativity. Watch as your invention grows and changes before your eyes! Plant trees and watch a beautiful forest grow. Each tree you plant shows your dedication to a greener, more sustainable planet. Join the movement and let your actions grow, for experience the thrill of climbing a gorgeous mountain and seeing the breathtaking view from the top.

Discover the ultimate culinary adventure in toca kitchen 2!

New interesting opportunity for you! Toca kitchen 2 lets you cook and serve delicious food to a host of ravenous characters. Explore gastronomy as you delight their taste buds with a variety of delicious and, well, acquired foods. Discover what delights their palates by unleashing your inner chef. Get ready for a unique culinary journey in toca kitchen 2. Introducing delicious sliced carrots, flawlessly fried fish, and cool lettuce juice. Which delicious alternative will delight your taste buds? Power is yours!

Capture your creativity and explore nature's beauty!

Enjoy a fun experience collecting succulent berries, tantalising mushrooms, and delicious nuts. Release your inner artist and capture every masterpiece with your camera. Let the natural environment inspire you and enjoy capturing its beauty. So unleash your creativity and embark on a fantastic visual narrative adventure. Prepare to be astounded as you discover each element's distinct traits and actions, revealing its secrets. Start your experimentation passion and enter a world of scientific wonders. Prepare for an exciting discovery voyage!

Toca Boca Jr MOD APK

Explore the universe of discovery with potential future scientists!

Explore science's exciting world, full of thrill and wonder. Discover all 118 fascinating elements from the periodic table and be captivated. Expect a thrilling event that will leave you wanting more. Enter the intriguing world of science and discover the ingredients that shape our universe. Explore science with our cutting-edge lab instruments. Conduct rigorous tests to satisfy your curiosity and see how different elements react. With five lab tools, you may explore nature's mysteries. Wear your lab coat to explore science.

Be prepared for an exciting voyage to discover the elements' mysteries.

Prepare for an exciting journey full of groundbreaking experiments and amazing discoveries. Prepare to challenge knowledge and enjoy the unfamiliar. You're the star of the show. Toca builders is the ultimate construction experience that will inspire your inner architect. Unleash your imagination and make it true! With your visionary imagination, you can build anything. Let your imagination go wild and see your craziest fantasies come true. Embrace your enormous potential and explore unlimited possibilities.

You can build what you imagine!

Take a trip to a remote island full of possibilities with your new squad of six expert builders. Together, you will unleash your creativity and create a new world block by block. Witness the creation of a unique planet in the ultimate construction experience. Team up with other builders and watch magic happen! Jump, stroll, roll, and rotate the builders to feel the thrill. Discover their enchantment as they help you stack, smash, paint, decorate, and build your own masterpieces. These amazing constructors will help you unleash your creativity.

Enjoy caring for 15 unique creatures

enter a magical realm with amazing creatures. Imagine a stately turtle gracefully resting on its shell in a humorous situation. That's just the start! Imagine seeing a beautiful dinosaur with a stomach bug. Don't worrythese magical beings have company. Many furry, finned, and feathered friends await you in this amazing waiting area. Expect to be intrigued by the possibilities! Discover a wide range of fine instruments and materials tailored to your dogs' particular ailments. Our unmatched selection lets you confidently provide customised care that exceeds expectations.

Toca Boca Jr MOD APK


download toca boca jr mod apk and get ready for a magical adventure of development, creativity, and joyous exploration with plants. Toca lab: plants let you shape and create new species from your botanical creations. Explore floral wonders like a horticulturist! Experience the thrill of discovery as you play with the amazing grow light, watering tank, nutrition station, cloning machine, and crossbreeding device. These amazing tools will reveal the mysteries of all 35 interesting plants and their fascinating personalities. Come explore the magical world of plants on this fascinating journey!

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