Touch VPN MOD APK v3.2.0 [Premium Unlocked] for Android

Touch VPN
App Name Touch VPN
Latest Version v3.2.0
Last Updated 16 May 2024
Publisher TouchVPN Inc.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Tools
Size 30 MB
Google Playstore
4.2 Rating (99)
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Virtual Private Networks(VPN) are used today for many reasons like enhancing security, unlock various useful websites, hiding IP addresses, and likewise changing the location. But in most cases, people use VPN services for enhancing data security. As of right now, billions of websites are online with trillions of bytes of data within which, thousands of websites are vulnerable or without SSL in which, most of the hackers can easily hack all your credentials. That's why you should need to use a VPN while surfing online. But still, there is one more question, like which VPN should I use or which is the best one in which I can get every single feature I need? Well, that's right, since there are over thousands of VPN providers available globally, from which, it's so hard to choose a single one. But if you're finding a simple one consisting of all the useful features, then you can go ahead with Touch VPN. It's the most simple VPN on the Google Play Store which comes with just a single and big Connect button to connect automatically through the fastest and securest VPN server.


Most Secure Android VPN

Touch VPN is the snuggest VPN service that helps you in enhancing your security or barricading you from all different types of technical viruses like malware and ransomware. Moreover, it also offers a huge list of servers that are all secure in terms of hackers and viruses. The IP address is the most sensitive thing in a smartphone which can get hacked in an easier way than malware. By using this VPN Service, you can easily connect to your favorite or an appropriate server and also can enable IP protection for getting different IPs while you're surfing online.

One-Click VPN service

Touch VPN is also known as Best VPN on Google Play Store as whenever you'll search for the best VPN on Play Store you'll get the Touch VPN listed on top of the list. Moreover, it's a delightful app that updates monthly and adds lots of newest servers, fixes crashes, and enhances customer support. Well, these are just some basic features that are accessible in almost every VPN platform, but what makes Touch VPN the best VPN? If you have this question in your mind, then observe the app interface of Touch VPN at least once, and you'll automatically obtain answers. Basically, Touch VPN was created in Aug 2014, and at that juncture, it was crashy and laggy. But if we look at its interface right now, It has got evolved a lot since it contains only a single button on the home screen which says connect, which means that you can use this VPN service damn easily, and age or experience won't matter for operating it.

No Background battery and RAM Usage

If you got bored with all your last VPN services and want a new interface with lots of the most untried features, then just try it once. Touch VPN comes with nearly everything you need in a VPN service. One of the best peculiarities of Touch VPN is its sleep function. For those who don't know about this feature, it's a feature for which you're using Greenify or other booster apps. It comes with a few AI control features that automatically close this app while running in the background. And additionally, it also consumes less battery and memory comparable to all other VPN apps.

Variant with free Elite Subscription

VPN fundamentally creates a tunneling protocol that acts as a tunnel for the information packets that are being transferred to pass through. In simple words, it creates a security layer that instantly terminates the connection whenever it detects an intrusion and reconnects with a different IP address for better security. That's why you need a VPN service desperately. So here is a present, we're offering you an android application connected with the premium membership of Touch VPN free of cost. It's known as Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk. This application is the complimentary version which is featured with all the 9 premium servers of Touch VPN free of cost. Apart from that, still, there are various features that make this app incredible. Must download and experience all of them.


Experience the Elite location servers

Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk is the most featured modified VPN platform which contains the swiftest premium VPN servers. These servers let you surf various OTT web-shows which are banned in your country or aren't available for you. Below is the list of premium servers that come in Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk -

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Singapore

These servers will help you in surfing infinite data free of cost and without letting anyone know.

Enjoy the Swiftest Speed

Within the premium or paid servers, Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk is also capable of granting you a top-notch surfing speed. This exceptional speed will blow your mind since it's a paid feature that is worth 4700.00 INR per month and we're providing it to you free of cost. So just download it and enjoy features worth thousands of rupees free of cost.

Surf without in-app advertisements

If you're using some other exceptional VPN services like Thunder VPN, NordVPN, Secure VPN, VPN Hub, or Robot VPN, you need to suffer the toxic trauma of online ads. But here, the Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk comes with a zero-ad interface consisting of no ads, neither banners nor videos. It'll save lots of your hours and deliver a most joyful experience that you never had before.

Enhance your data security

Well, the Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk is basically the same Touch VPN official app since it comes with the same user interface and almost all the same servers. But the only difference between both these apps is features since one is the free app while the other is freemium. But either if you're using anyone, you won't need to worry about security since both of them works on the same servers and grant exceptional data security. So without worrying, download it and relish all its complementary functions.


Final Verdict

At last, it's a 100% free app which needs no money for activating any feature or any country server. Moreover, it's easy to use and is embedded with the ditto same user interface as the last official Touch VPN app. Also, you don't need to worry about your data's privacy or security since this app is 100% free from bugs viruses as we already have installed and used it for a day on various android smartphones. Download Touch VPN Premium Mod Apk right now, and still if you've any doubts, so ask them below in the comment box.

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