VK MOD APK v8.79 [VIP Unlocked] for Android

App Name VK
Latest Version v8.79
Last Updated 21 May 2024
Publisher VK.com.
Requirements Android 7.0
Category Social
Size 75 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (2)


Get free ad-free surfing, unlimited downloads, and premium content. Choose from personalised themes to sophisticated privacy settings with VK MOD APK. Connect with friends, share moments, and find new communities easily. Download VK MOD APK immediately to improve your social networking. Join millions of VK MOD APK users worldwide who enjoy its freedom and adaptability. Start your social media revolution now!" By prioritising privacy, security, accessibility, and localization, VK APK allows users of all backgrounds and tastes to utilise the platform confidently and comfortably. To meet the different requirements and interests of its worldwide user base, VK APK provides a wide range of services and opportunities for purchasing in the integrated marketplace, collaborating on projects, and enjoying entertainment content. VK APK is the progression of social networking, integrating innovation, inclusion, and user-centric design to allow people to connect, create, and explore meaningfully.



VK APK, your portal to lively social networking. One of Russia's biggest and most prominent social networks, VK, has millions of active members. You may access a world of connections, resources, and communities with VK APK. VK APK emulates VKontakte, providing a simple way to connect with friends, family, and hobbies. VK APK makes it easy to share, message friends, and find new music and movies on this vast digital world. This dynamic software goes beyond social networking to improve user experience. VK APK makes every encounter meaningful and engaging with customisable profiles and personalised newsfeeds. VK APK also updates with digital trends to create a safe and innovative platform for consumers globally. VK APK shows how social networking has evolved in the digital era with its user-friendly design and powerful capabilities. Explore the power of connectedness with VK APK and get closer to the people and interests that matter most. Experience social networking reinvented by joining VK now.


VK APK is a robust social networking platform with many features to improve user experience and connection. VK APK offers several features to meet user demands, from personalised profiles to immersive multimedia sharing. VK APK's many features set it apart from other social media apps.

Personalised Profiles:

VK APK lets users build personalised profiles that match their hobbies. To reveal their identity, users may post profile and cover images and supply personal information. VK APK lets users create their online profile by adding bio descriptions, connections to other websites, and contact data.

Customising News Feed:

VK APK lets users customise their news stream to their interests. Following friends, pages, and groups ensures that users see stuff they like. In addition, VK APK uses algorithms to analyse user interactions and propose material based on preferences, improving browsing.

Messages and Chat:

VK APK's comprehensive messaging system allows easy user contact. Texts, photographs, videos, voice notes, and documents may be sent to people or groups. VK APK also offers real-time phone and video conversations with friends and family. Message threading, emoji support, and message responses make the messaging interface easy to use.

Groups and Communities:

VK APK helps form and join interest-based communities. Join existing groups or start your own to talk, share, and interact with like-minded people. VK APK provides moderation controls, event scheduling, and member permissions for a happy and organised community.

Share multimedia:

Users may easily post and share photographs, videos, music, and documents on VK APK. Create albums to organise and share material with friends and the public. Users may also watch and download music and films on VK APK to explore a wide multimedia collection.

Discover & Explore:

Curated content discovery on VK APK lets users find new hobbies and emerging topics. Our software offers material based on user choices, interactions, and popular topics for a dynamic and interesting browsing experience. To encourage exploration and discovery, VK APK provides personalised suggestions for music, videos, articles, and groups.

Integration of Events and Calendar:

Event management and calendar integration enable VK APK users to easily create, organise, and RSVP to events. Users may invite friends, organise public or private events, and post event information. Plus, VK APK syncs with users' calendars to keep them updated on events and appointments.


Privacy and security:

VK APK takes strong precautions to protect user data and offer a secure surfing experience. Users may restrict who can see, contact, and engage with their profile on the site. VK APK also encrypts user data and chats.

Accessibility and Cross-Platform:

VK APK is cross-platform, enabling a smooth user experience across devices and operating systems. The platform has iOS and Android apps and a desktop online app. Users may also synchronise their account and content across devices using VK APK.

Personalisation and customisation:

The VK APK lets users customise and personalise their experience to their liking. User profiles, news feeds, and notifications may be customised to match their likes and interests. VK APK also provides themes, stickers, and other visual upgrades to improve surfing.

Video and voice messages:

VK APK lets users send voice and video messages to express themselves more personally. VK APK's voice and video messaging function deepens discussions, whether you're sending a simple voice note or a video hello.

Streaming live:

VK APK lets users stream live videos to followers or groups, encouraging real-time interaction. VK APK's live streaming function lets users instantly engage with their audience by presenting a performance, organising a Q&A, or filming an event.

Entertainment and Games:

Users may enjoy a variety of games and entertainment on VK APK. VK APK's gaming environment has games for everyone, from casual to multiplayer. VK APK integrates with major entertainment sources, making it easy to find and watch films, TV episodes, and music.

Shop and Market:

Users may purchase and sell items and services on VK APK's marketplace. VK APK's marketplace sells apparel, gadgets, homemade crafts, and antique items from across the globe. To guarantee safe and dependable buying, VK APK offers secure transactions and seller ratings and feedback.

Localization and Language Support:

To accommodate users from different languages and areas, VK APK supports several languages and localizations. VK APK's language support lets users browse the UI in their favourite language and interact with individuals worldwide.

Features of Collaboration:

VK APK allows real-time collaboration, resource sharing, and project collaboration. VK APK's collaborative capabilities provide smooth collaboration for document co-authoring, event planning, and group activities.

Features for Accessibility:

Users with impairments or special needs may utilise VK APK, which prioritises accessibility. With screen reader support, configurable text sizes, and colour contrast options, VK APK makes the platform accessible to everybody.

APIs & Integrations for Developers

Developer APIs and integrations enable third-party developers to enhance VK APK's capabilities and interface with various services and apps. VK APK's developer environment encourages creativity and cooperation in custom integrations, plugins, and third-party apps.



In conclusion, VK APK is a versatile social networking platform that goes beyond conventional bounds to improve user experience and connection. VK APK lets users connect, interact, and explore meaningfully with personalised profiles, customisable news feeds, powerful messaging, and immersive multimedia sharing. VK APK helps people feel connected in a digital environment by finding new interests and groups and interacting live via live streaming and voice/video chat.

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