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Game Name Way of Retribution Awakening
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Roleplaying
User Reviews 5.1 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v3.013
Last Update
26 March 2021
40 MB

What’s the Specialty of Way of Retribution Awakening Mod Apk Game

If the player has ever appeared in the game Dark Souls, you will definitely know that this game is challenging to complete. But this does not make the player uncomfortable, rather it becomes something special, so that the player can challenge himself and become better. If the player wants to experience this, Game Way of Retention: Awakening is something that players should try. The game was successful when the player was creating the same image and experience as he had ever experienced before. If players feel that other RPG games have become too easy to overcome, then this game is something that players should try.

Way of Retribution Awakening Mod Apk

The world is covered with darkness and fighting for a place of light, and these things have contributed to creating a new world. With the dominance of darkness, people are finding it difficult to live. The war took place all over the world, causing many large nations to burn in the fire of war. The dead were resurrected as demons for the power of darkness. They go to many different lands to be able to destroy everything. Players will have the job of finding pieces of hope to be able to restore the Earth.

Start vengeance awakening mod app in your way

Begin your adventure with swords and magic, enhancing your experience and enchanting weapons in an imaginary open world.

* Constant improvements, updates that contribute to the development of the project, the project is growing every day!

Combat system
Every encounter with an enemy is a challenge, an enemy behind any wall. Capture the freedom of battle, characteristic of the game genre.
Fight with elite enemies, invade foreign worlds, fight companions. Co-op and PPV in a completely seamless world.

Deep character development and adaptation system
A full attendance editor.
A large number of weapons, equipment and skills, the complex will hold a unique character class with no bias.

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[Minimum amount of ram]

Way of Retribution Awakening Mod Apk


There was light and darkness. The places where the light faded and the darkness became clear was their merger, which formed the world. Clot of light and in reverse – dark, embossed top – deity. The gods are not always going to struggle to be divinely begging, unlike their followers, who in turn try to stand with the deity or even more.

And once a creature, with a dark soul managed to overthrow the mighty gods, that is why the balance of the world was reduced to zero, boundaries blurred, creatures of various origins moved out of their territories, forming conflicts. Happened.

The world of harmony and calm has become a battleground with a border. Brave warriors lay their heads in an attempt to preserve chaos, a piece of hope for the restoration of peace. Many times prosperous places lost their greatness and became strongholds of hope and protection for the survivors.

The wrath of the living gods was transformed into the bridge of souls by which they might be reborn, but at the cost of their present life. Beacons were needed for the return of the soul, they began to build worldwide. Many began to forget their purpose, the meaning of existence, returning every time, becoming more insane and wandering the world in search of themselves aimlessly, collecting nuggets of knowledge, dying, losing all faith, memory, intelligence . By sacrificing themselves, the gods created an endless cycle of rebirth, increasing the fate of the world. They are lost.

Way of Retribution Awakening Mod Apk

The battle has been going on for centuries, perhaps for millennia, no one knows for sure. Combining the essays of light and darkness, the creature, holding its mind out of madness and melancholy, created man, who was about to end the endless battle in the end.

People, anonymous creations, and light fought side and against. Remnants, capturing dead creatures, people themselves became more powerful than creators, but the vicious cycle of rebirth did not bypass them. The creation of states, protected by relics, with an illusion of harmony, did not fade beyond the boundaries of war. The people of war were the masters of the artifacts of any opponent. Studying the remnants of the original, divinely generated, some became impure, accepting bearers of greater power than their souls could, thus becoming the deity, the new deity.

Diverse character classes

First, to participate in the game, the player will need a character to be able to control and fight monsters. The game gives a lot of different character classes for players to choose from. Each class will have a different set of skills and tasks that players can use in battles with monsters. Players can easily choose classes for the game, such as knights, mages, warriors, and many more.

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Currency
  • Unlocked
  • Data
  • No Ads

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