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Game Name WorldBox Mod Apk
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Simulation
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v0.8.3
Last Update 23 May 2021
72 MB

What’s the Specialty of WorldBox Mod Apk

Worldbox – is a simulation game with pixel graphics in which the player can feel like a god, creating life on the planet. With a few touches of the screen, the user will be able to create a living system with plants, animals, and other organisms. In addition to construction, the player will be able to engage in destruction created entirely using tools such as Acid Rain, Nuclear Bombs, Global Cataclysms. The game provides a huge area for experimentation, so will appeal to many gamers.

WorldBox Mod Apk

The Process of the Game

In this simulator, you can feel like a real deity who can create everything, the desire of his soul. The entire game world will be under your control.
You will create a new life in it, as well as see its development.
You can be an ordinary observer, or you can take an active part in managing the world. Create different animals, change landscapes and more.
You will also have the ability to control various forces.
Use nuclear weapons, let people rain nuclear, etc. All available fundamental powers will be at the bottom of the screen.

Amazing New Features of WorldBox Mod Apk

Worldbox is a free God and simulation sandbox game.

In this free sandbox god game, you can make life and watch it prosper!

Sheep, wolves, wolves, eaters, dwarves, dragons, zombies, and other magical creatures! Even UFOs!

Civilizations can build homes, roads, and go to war with each other. Help them survive, develop and build a powerful civilization!

Sandbox. Play with different powers. You can dissolve the ground or drop an atomic bomb with acid rain! Sporn tornados, underground insects or heat rays. Enjoy creative destruction or craft a world full of life!

WorldBox Mod Apk

Look at how classic Conway’s life games can quickly destroy world civilization. Or create Langton’s ant cellular automata

Simulate various disasters. Meteorites, Volcanoes, Lava, Tornadoes, Geysers, and more. Uplift and monitor the development and civilizations of organisms

Craft a Pixel World. You can create a world of pixel art using various free tools, magic, and brushes. Just use different pixel types for coloring. be creative!

An experiment in your own sandbox game. Play with different creatures and powers in the magic world simulation

Become the god of your own pixel art world. Create a life and build a civilization of different mythological castes. Build a world of your dreams!

WorldBox Mod Apk

Build your world

Have you ever wished to be a God to recreate and recreate the world? The opportunity to realize this has come when “Worldbox – Sandbox God Simulator” empowers you with the power of a supreme being. Because it is a game that allows you to create anything in which you are the creator of the world. This means that you can spread civilizations on the planet. These civilizations can develop and improve homes and industries and, in the worst case, go to war with each other. Your role here is to stand with you and help them survive the war or whatever it is.

From the bottom of the screen, you will find a complete list of all the tools you need to effectively create and destroy each of your worlds. Fertile soil, sand, freshwater, seawater, forests, and much more is available to choose from. Just select one of these tools and tap on the screen to change everything in your world. However, you have the ability to use the other elements listed there to destroy it through thunder, acid rain, or even bombs. If you want to create humans, select the respective species, then touch any area on the map, they will be removed.

Provided Mod Apk Features

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