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Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK v3.0.76 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Zombie Hunter Sniper
App Name Zombie Hunter Sniper
Latest Version v3.0.76
Last Updated 05 December 2023
Publisher Viva Games Studios.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Action
Size 65 MB
Google Playstore
4.5 Rating (45)
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Feel the action and survive this Apocalypse horror in one of the best free zombie sniper shooting games. Enjoy this existence by being a zombie hunter and killing them in a challenging first-person shooter (FPS) with 3D graphics. Zombies move among us! You are one of the few survivors of an epidemic infection. The zombie apocalypse began after a scientist dropped a vial of the virus in a secret laboratory. Despite the military lockdown, within hours the outbreak of zombie infection reached the outside, and now living dead are growing, causing humans to hunt to feed themselves.

Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK

As an elite marksman sniper, you have experience at the shooting range, and you were trained in military strategy for chaos, action, and survival war games. This may be your last day on Earth so escaping from your asylum and turning into a zombie hunter is your only hope to survive this zombie apocalypse.

Fps Survival Gameplay Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod Apk

In this FPS game, you need to choose the best sniper rifle, load the bullets, pull the trigger to open fire and hunt all the zombies in your path. Protect the helpless victims in this zombie apocalypse by shooting under ads before they even change! Stock up your sniper arsenal and become the best zombie hunter, choose and upgrade weapons from sniper rifles to crossbows, bazookas, shotguns, assault rifles, revolvers, or machine guns. Play with your favorite weapons in this FPS zombie apocalypse survival game. Hunt and kill all kinds of zombies: weak crawling undead or strong super zombies who will test your sniper skills of observation, dexterity, and trail making in this apocalypse shooting mission. Search from hidden places, find zombies, and kill targets before it's too late!

Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK

The Amazing Features Of Zombie Hunter Sniper Mod Apk

Kill the zombies before the time runs out.
Upgrade your sniper rifle.
Shoot loot boxes with power-ups.
Several missions of apocalypse survival action.
Survive in the open apocalypse battlefield.
Various guns and weapons.
FPS (1 person shooter) plays a survival game.
Play offline or online. Enjoy a zombie apocalypse classic shooter game. FPS action, horror, and survival blend into a sniper shooting game that will boost your adrenaline by being a zombie hunter. Survived this zombie apocalypse. Reload your sniper rifle, practice your hunter skills and start shooting for survival. Kill everyone in your path!

Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK


Can you be the best zombie hunter in this apocalypse? Improve your sniper/hunter skills in FPS mode, fight open spaces, and various levels in this apocalypse existence to explore a horror story from Day Zero to 180.
Urban City: Jacksonville
Camping: Caravan of the Dead
Theme parks: amusement zombies
Coast: Dead harbor and Snow: Arctic jade. Survive each time shooting the best sniper rifle and prove your FPS shooter skills. Become a true zombie hunter and kill them all! Enjoy shooting zombies anywhere! One of the best FPS games. Download free zombie hunter games to play various missions on the free battlefield. Zombie Hunter is an online or offline FPS game, you can also play it safe by falling into the apocalypse or an underground bunker! Let the zombie apocalypse begin shooting!

Zombie Hunter Sniper MOD APK

Zombie Hunter Sniper Background

In Zombie Hunter Sniper, you will enter an era of human destruction when a virus pandemic has spread around the world, people start dying and mutating in a strange and dangerous way. They are always on the move to find living creatures and spread fear among the survivors, and until the brain is destroyed, these corpses cannot be killed instantly. Humanity is in danger, and you - a hunter with extensive experience in the use of all types of weapons, is urgently needed to help. From here, you have to use your superior sniping skills to destroy the zombie army through various locations. You cannot be subjective, because when you are searching there, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people who have started converting. The world is vast, can you survive the lonely-dark days? The answer is none other than myself.

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