Criminal Case MOD APK v2.41 (Unlimited Money/Energy)

Criminal Case
App Name Criminal Case
Latest Version v2.41
Last Updated 04 March 2024
Publisher Pretty Simple.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Adventure
Size 60 MB
Google Playstore
4.0 Rating (34)


Are you a gaming freak and love the CID kinda games, where you need to find the suspects with crime assets on the crime scenes? Or are you looking for a puzzle game consisting of hundreds of challenging levels and high-quality graphics? If Yes, then you are looking for an adventure case-solving game. Well, there are so many such games developed for the Android OS like Criminal Case, Gardenscapes, Manor Mantra, and Mystery Manor. But if you're an enthusiastic gamer and love experiencing new advancements, then you can go for Criminal Case.

Criminal Case mod apk

A criminal Case is one of the investigation kinds of games, where you need to find the proof to prove the suspects. It's an Android+iOS game that consists of hundreds of overwhelming stages ready to introduce a splendid experience. Moreover, you can also play this game with your friends and can be the best detective by solving these puzzling cases.

Well, we aren't just introducing an Android game but also delivering you the modified version of this fabulous game named Criminal Case MOD APK. This modification will help you by providing premium assistance like hints, energy, and coins. So must try this game and also go through all its stages to enhance the fun.

Investigate the crime scenes in this exclusive crime puzzle game

For those who don't have played the Criminal Case game till now, let me signify, that it's an adventurous investigating game. And is developed for three different operating systems - Android, iOS, and Windows. Moreover, this game is also awarded by the Google Play Store as well as the Global Gaming Market as the #1 free hidden object-finding game. It's an offline game that consists of over 100 exclusive crime scenes.

The game was developed by Pretty Simple and is the first creation of the Criminal Case series. So if you're new to hearing about Criminal cases, then you can start with this creation. It's a splendid Android game where you need to investigate crime scenes in a grim and corrupt city. Moreover, you can also use the clues or hints here for making the game easier. It's developed with elegant cartoon graphics and immersive BGMs that will enhance the gaming experience at an advanced level.

Criminal Case mod apk

#1 free hidden object finding game with over 100 mission 

Criminal Case is an elegant Android game and it'll help you a lot in enhancing your brain powers, making decisions, and various more skills that you need in your daily life. Moreover, it's a versatile android game that you can also play with all your friends. It contains a massive number of levels after which you never get bored while playing it.

Within the number of levels, you will also enjoy the rewarding events in Criminal cases. The very first time, the game will start with the instructive model for apprising you of the way to play the game and how to do different tweaks. Afterward, you have to clear all the levels with your sense of humor and brain-recognizing skills.

Futuristic Android case-solving game with advanced benefits

If you're a real puzzle freak and have heard a lot about Criminal Justice? If Yes, then please wait before downloading the official version from Google Play Store, since the official version lacks simplicity and grants the most challenging levels. Moreover, It also contains immense in-app purchases which will annoy you every time.

So we've developed a recreation of the same game Criminal Justice named Criminal Justice MOD APK for all the freaks. You can download it comfortably from the below-most download link and can install it on any Android smartphone. It won't need any kind of root access in your phone, so no need to worry about security. Criminal Justice MOD APK is an impeccable ad-free creation waiting for gamers to get experienced. Time to enrich fun!!

Criminal Case mod apk

Enjoy the endless energy and play never-ending puzzles

Energy is the mightiest resource in the entire Criminal Justice game. Even if you need to work on any single case, you need at least 20 energy points to start it. You can also pay real money or can watch online ads to fill the energy bar. But it's not a one-time purchase, and no one can afford thousands of rupees every day for replenishing the game's energy bar.

That's what came to our mind, and we developed the Criminal Case MOD APK. It's an exceptional game consisting of lots of MOD scripts. After having this cracked game, you can use endless energy to play your favorite game free of charge. So what're you waiting for, download it right now!!

Use the premium hints without paying a single penny

Hints are the only paid assets or add-ons inside the Criminal Case official game, and one hint box gets filled in 1 minute which will take a lot of your time and downgrade your scores. So to bypass this obstacle, you can install the Criminal Case MOD APK in your smartphone, since it'll help you with infinite hints as well as the unlocked 5-hint box. So why are you struggling and finding the entire crime scene for a few suspects? Use never-ending clues, and complete all the cases at a negotiable time free of charge.

Time to go ad-free in this exclusive Case solving game

Which's the most interrupting and annoying moment of your life while playing games on your Android smartphone? If I'm not wrong, it's online advertisements. These things are sticky, which appears once and won't shift back. Criminal Case is an exclusive android game, and also it got awarded two times, but still, it's unresponsive and hated because of the plenty of online ads.

Criminal Case mod apk

But don't worry, since we've fixed that issue in the Criminal Case MOD APK. It's a 100% ad-free Android app that won't ever interrupt you while working on any case. Hit the below-most giant green download button and experience the magic!!

Final Judgement

As per the final judgment, we can state that Criminal Case MOD APK is fit for all Android puzzle and adventure gamers. And also if you like case-solving games like Criminal Case, then you must like it on first look.

It'll offer you all the splendid premium features listed above free of charge. You can play it on any of your phones, without getting stressed about the size and performance. Download it right now, to meet the best puzzling experience of your life!!!

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