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Diamond Quest v2.97 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Diamond Quest
App Name Diamond Quest
Latest Version v2.97
Last Updated 07 June 2024
Publisher Bounce Entertainment Company Limited.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Action
Size 55 MB
Google Playstore
3.3 Rating (15)


Diamond Quest Don't Rush is one of the most intriguing and addictive mobile games ever. Cellphones didn't exist when it was published. Diamond Quest captivated mobile gamers with its dramatic, heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled gameplay. When you had a little screen and actual buttons, the game could accomplish this. The revised and improved Android version of the game allows mobile gamers to immerse themselves in spectacular action, adventure, and puzzle-solving. Android users will like the mobile game more with its user-friendly touchscreen controls and enhanced graphics.

Diamond Quest MOD APK

Mobile games will enhance this gaming experience.

Android gamers will explore sacred and pristine wonders to find the world's most valuable treasures. Explore these thrilling journeys and adventures. Touring the magnificent Angkor Wat temple, surrounded by lush vegetation, is a thrilling experience. Explore the Bavaria castle's dungeons and feel the excitement of adventure. Explore Tibet's ice tunnels for hidden beauty. You can join our expert treasure hunter on risky quests for diamonds, beautiful jewellery, and other rare treasures.

Enjoy exploring dangerous jungles full of scary monsters.

Avoid concealed hazards as you explore the caves' mysterious depths. There are many more examples. Taking your time and weighing your options may help you conquer the obstacles ahead. Its a simple mobile game with addictive potential. Diamond Quest Don't Rush on Android's simple, user-friendly gameplay of solving puzzles and going on exciting adventures will appeal to beginners. Play thrilling mobile games to stay entertained. The upgraded touch controls will also make interactions and movements more fluid and comfortable. Diamond Quest Don't Rush's already great mobile gameplay is being upgraded to make it more fun.

The game also offers several extra features to enhance your experience.

This highly addicting mobile puzzle-solving adventure's increased in-game interactions will keep you engaged as you play. Many obstacles must be overcome to progress. Players of Diamond Quest Don't Rush on Android will encounter several dangerous traps and barriers that could stop their progress at any time. Experience an unforgettable voyage full of mind-boggling puzzles and thrilling thrills. Prepare to face snakes, turtles, monkeys, bombs, rocks, and tough traps. In the toughest conditions, you can dive into massive bodies of water, cut through impenetrable jungles, and other thrilling activities.

Diamond Quest MOD APK

Gameplay is guaranteed to thrill and excite.

Reset the checkpoint to maximise time. Diamond Quest Don't Rush's new function reduces game stress. Checkpoints let you store your progress and avoid retrying levels. Thus, you need not worry when your character dies from a falling boulder, an aggressive snake, or a scorching inferno. Your game experience will be smooth and easy because you will return to your checkpoint quickly. Avoid repeating the same level to avoid frustration. You can complete several intriguing levels.

Hundreds of levels to complete

If interested, you can now play Diamond Quest Don't Rush's thrilling gameplay. Each of the hundreds of levels has its own unique atmosphere and challenges you to tackle fascinating tasks and difficult obstacles. Explore a captivating mobile game that combines adventure with puzzle-solving. Enjoy thrilling gameplay and brain-bending stages. Diamond Quest Don't Rush also has harder hurdles at each level to increase the experience. You will experience a well-balanced challenge throughout the game.

Discover the power and use of mystical tools.

Android gamers can use a variety of intriguing tools to enhance their experience in Diamond Quest Don't Rush's thrilling stages and in-game challenges. Break through walls with the Mystic Hammer, effortlessly snag and yank objects towards you, or freeze entire structures with the Freeze Hammer. You can fight powerful enemies and enjoy intriguing in-game encounters in Diamond Quest Don't Rush. Monsters get harder as you play. Additionally, the highly challenging bosses will boost gameplay and provide fun and excitement. You must be cautious and plan each step to outmanoeuvre your opponents and start your own offence.

Diamond Quest MOD APK


Download Diamond Quest MOD APK to fulfil your expectation of having an iconic puzzle solving game where at every step you will have to deal with awesome obstacles and fun. You have all these skills. After completing your primary arcs, you can collect them. Many hidden benefits await you. Android gamers in Diamond Quest Don't Rush can now earn a variety of exciting awards and incentives in-game. Mystic tools are usually concealed or inaccessible until you have them. Please revisit any levels you've completed and play the game again.

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