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Game Name Drive Ahead
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Racing
User Reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v2.4.2
Last Update 06 August 2020
97 MB

What’s the Specialty of Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Drive Ahead! Endless Coins is your most”violent” racing game on the cellular. The drivers within this game’s target aren’t to conquer motorists although to complete at a match. So I really don’t know whether to call it a game or even a match that is fighting. This match is published by Dodreams, published at no cost on both the Android along with iOS.

If you are brave, like the challenge and somewhat violent driver, this is a great game for you to crush your opponents.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Crush your opponent-:

There’s not any storyline in this match. I know that I’m a motorist who also has the ambition to conquer motorists and participates in a stadium. Just like an Olympics, you’ll sense the excitement and frenzy of the light system this viewer along with the noise. This game doesn’t exist therefore it is probable this really is a game on a different world.

To drama Drive Ahead! Super easy. Touch left or right to the command of this display, swipe up to assist the automobile jump. Your job is to restrain tanks, trucks, racing cars, and sometimes vehicles. How? Push your car a leap to the driving posture of the opponent. Every single time you do so, you receive just one point (1 celebrity ). The motorist who receives 5 stars will win.

To acquire Drive ahead! , you have to understand to learn the auto, the rebound, as well as also the match tracks. Speed isn’t an important element in this sport. Having a rate is a benefit, however, it doesn’t guarantee you a success. With a great deal like the flames, a few monitors were created For the sport to raise the challenge. You might lose due to an injury or becoming into this game’s drawbacks. Assessing the paths is a significant matter for you to avoid errors.

Two modes for you to choose-:

Is conquer the AI of this match in Single Player mode. This game’s AI is hard to conquer. There’s not any way to overcome all opponents and you have to be courageous. Move sensibly, divert them, and discover opportunities to smash them, that is the way to triumph in Drive ahead! Total missions and get rewards. After every game, a coin sum will be received by you. Coins unlock any bundles of this sport used to unlock vehicles.

PvP Arena is the way for you if you prefer the battle and also interact with others. The match will suit some other players around the globe and a game between you. Or you may invite friends and join by Bluetooth or even wifi. The sport will provide you with the most enjoyable amusement minutes.

Unlock new cars-:

Initially, you’re given a box to unlock the arbitrary automobile (Frequent ). You can purchase When you’ve got some cash. Every car has its very own personality. Based upon your tastes, you deliver it and can unlock any automobile. Enormous cars have the benefit of size, however, cars have flexibility and speed. All of it depends on your controllers.

Pixel graphics-:

Drive Ahead! Designed dependent on images that were striking. In return, the match has realistic moves, insane effects Even though there’s not any picture quality. In any case, images have reduced this game’s violence. Funny sounds, comedy is the trick to aid the allure increases.


Overall, Drive Ahead! is a fast-paced, fun, and crazy game. If you get bored of traditional racing games like Asphalt 9 or Real Racing 3, this is the game you can try.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Drive Ahead Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Bolts

Drive Ahead! If you prefer the battle and also interact with other players, then PvP Arena may be the manner for you personally.

The match will suit a game between you and some other internet player round the whole world. Or you may invite friends around and join to one another from wi-fi or even blue tooth.

Undoubtedly, the match provides one of the most interesting entertainment minutes.
Is a gladiator car struggle. Wreck friends and family by rapping on their helmets with various cars from monster trucks into mysterious saucers! Hundreds of degrees and cars contribute hours of helmet-crushing actions and freak injuries!

You can play with Drive Ahead! In four-match modes. Fight with your friends into two-player games in a local multiplayer on precisely exactly the exact same apparatus or higher WiFi! Arena missions comprising robots, aliens, and dinosaurs!

Reduce the useless into reign and wrecks ultimate in King of the Hill! Share your super-star Stadium replays that are most useful featuring within this match to get a go! Are you going to be another Drive Ahead superstar?! Customize your conflicts or move arbitrary for mad match-ups! Would you beat a monster truck?

Hiding won’t help – departure brings the rain of fire and flash flooding sawblades. The defense is an offense that is ruthless! Gather virtual credits and then use them at the Prize Machine to unlock lots of cars and heaps of arenas when possible play with!

Amazing New Features of Drive Ahead Mod Android Racing Game

An enjoyable, interesting, and one of a kind game that can score points and effortless accessibility to players. Frequently the gameplay will soon likely probably be quite anomalous, won’t comply with the rules are readily available. Such breakthrough games is obviously an indisputable fact that lots of manufacturers concentrate on development and attention. What is your racing game that doesn’t demand racing but crashed into a win?

That really is fairly inquisitive and appealing, right? That is what Push Ahead is! Have done. Under Dodream’s flip side, the match has immediately gained a touch at the mobile gambling industry. Affirm the status and also bring the match to have fun matches eventually become comfortable and so, therefore, are somewhat more curious.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Drive Ahead Mod Apk All Cars Unlocked Latest Version

Specifically, let us research through the first thing you ought to do is overcome the AI of this match in Single Player mode. The AI of this game is relatively hard to overcome. There’s no method to flee, you want to become brave and overcome all competitions.

Move sensibly, divert them in order to find chances to smash them that’s the way to triumph in Drive ahead! Entire assignments and get invaluable rewards.

After every game, you are going to get a coin number. Groups used to unlock upgrade unlock or vehicles any bundles with the particular game.

Initially, players will likely probably be permitted to select the car they enjoy. Each car could have a unique personality and faculties. Based upon your own gameplay, everyone will have different applications. Notably, the terrain race is equally as odd as to how it’s played.

The winding, twisting, and skewed roads won’t cause you to feel much benefit. Nevertheless, concerning gameplay, here can be an idea for you. Because of this, deflecting different vehicles and assaulting them gets much easier and much more unexpected. Drive Ahead! It possesses a huge array of vehicles that range from bicycles to racing cars, from short to longterm. They all are extremely beneficial in every terrain.

Obviously, your attack will be quite ordinary. Afterward, your power to improvise is very significant. A fast fracture is likely to produce the competition abruptly dropdown. Victory should come for you if you don’t want to focus on and devote a great deal.

What’s new in the Recent Update?

Up your game in Battle Arena!

Receive coin reward for ranking up in Battle Arena!

Select your favorite helmet to wear in Battle Arena, Boss Hunt, and Rift Riders!

Many cars, including the Horse, Formula, Sawbot, and the Egg Mobile have received game-changing new mechanics!

Many areas like the cave and the bump received some cool new graphics

What Saying User’s About Drive Ahead Unlimited Coins

  1st User-:   I used to play Drive Ahead, so when I downloaded it I was disappointed because the local wifi multiplayer was gone, and there are ads for everything. Also, you can’t play the missions like you used to. You have to get KEYS to unlock missions and play them. And it takes 8 full hours to get 1 KEY. Nerf the time for the keys or just take them away. Also, for the sake of many other players, please add local wifi back.

 2nd User-:  Fun and really addictive but the 8th out of the 14 first mission stadium (Jousting) is too hard because you get the same vehicle and same hat but different maps yet the CPU has different hats and can have the jousting horse or the chariot vehicle. The Computer Is Also For Some Reason Really Hard For Me Even on normal mode

 3rd User-:  It’s a really fun game sometimes makes me mad but it’s a really good game there are many cars naps and heads to get and choose but there some bug-like when your car randomly blows up I’m not salty but this is quite annoying and the game randomly freezes but apart from that it’s a really good game keep up the good work👍

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Cheat Menu Enabled (click the bug at the top)
  • Unlimited Coins (via Cheat Menu -> General)
  • Unlimited Bolts (via Cheat Menu -> General)
  • Unlimited Keys (via Cheat Menu -> General)
  • Unlock Everything (via Cheat Menu -> General)
  • Open All Missions (via Cheat Menu -> General)
  • Unlock All Cars (via Cheat Menu -> Cars)
  • Unlock All Helmets (via Cheat Menu -> Helmets)
  • Unlock All Levels (via Cheat Menu -> Levels)
  • Skip Tutorial (via Cheat Menu -> Tutorial)
  • Missions Hack (via Cheat Menu -> Missions)
  • Calendar Hack (via Cheat Menu -> Calendar)
  • Boss Raid Event Hack (via Cheat Menu -> Boss Raid Event)

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