Drive Ahead MOD APK v4.8.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money, All Unlocked)

Drive Ahead
App Name Drive Ahead
Latest Version v4.8.1
Last Updated 19 June 2024
Publisher Dodreams Ltd.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Racing
Size 148 MB
Google Playstore
4.2 Rating (259)


The precision and usability of the graphical user interface are crucial for savoring a virtual game. Nowadays, We observe millions of games directly on our Android smartphones which makes us free to enjoy all our favorite titles instantly at our fingertips. Everything has become simplistic these days, whether you want to play high-resolution or Full HD games or even the Pixel Graphic games at your fingertips. All You need is to open the biggest game collector store globally, Google Play Store, and download these games. So today, We're here with an exceptional recommendation for all our Pixel Graphic game lovers, the gamers who love playing games like Minecraft! The game is Drive Ahead and is developed for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can enjoy this creation with lots of premium privileges that you never enjoyed till today. Drive Ahead is a free-to-play vehicle-crushing game, the same as per the game's name. You're required here to drive ahead of your rivals to crash their head and win the challenging matches. Moreover, there are a few in-app purchases for vehicles and their upgrades that we're making available freely for aspirants like you. All You need is to download Drive Ahead MOD APK from the below link and play premium vehicles freely!

Drive Ahead MOD APK

Enjoy your favorite hill climb racing with the funniest pixel graphics

Do You know that the Car Racing game section includes numerous exclusive sub-genres, which makes all the games different? Hill Climbing is also one of the epic sub-genre which comes under the Racing game genre. There are thousands of Android games developed for the Hill Climb genre, like the real Hill Climb Racing, Hillside Drive, and Zombie Hill Racing game  Drive Ahead is also one such Android game with an entirely different gaming module. Basically, You're required here to crush your rival's head by driving your vehicle ahead of their car. It's a brilliant gaming protocol that never arrived before the creation of the Drive Ahead Android+iOS game. Must play it at least once and start breaking the heads!

Experience all the powerful vehicles to crush the head of your rivals

As we all know, Crushing head is not that simple with simplistic cars, and you need more powerful vehicles if you're reckoned to defeat your opponent. Considering that, the Drive Ahead Android gaming version has developed almost all the powerful vehicles you've seen yet inside your natural life. Basically, The game rewards you with exceptional vehicles in the shop menu, like Car, Tractors, Ambulance, Antique Formula car, Amphibian, Mecha, Asphalt Paver, Egg Mobile, and Garbage Truck. Besides that, You'll also enjoy various bikes and bonus vehicles within the game like Robo Bike, Steel Crab, Fossil, Snow Racer, Shopping Cart, and Alien Attack Drone. Or Enjoy all these vehicles freely inside the modified version below!

Upgrade all your vehicles to the maximum levels to extend potential

Purchasing isn't the only stuff we do with our vehicles, but we are also deemed to maintain them and upgrade their accessories almost every month. It's all about real life, but fortunately, the Drive Ahead game is ditto developed as per real-life vehicles. Likewise, the game offers you vehicle upgrades, where you can upgrade the life, defense, and damage rate of your vehicles by applying the appropriate number of coins. As more level, You'll upgrade your car, more extended will become your car's defense and attack level. As a plus point, You can use Drive Ahead MOD APK and make infinite upgrades on your vehicles to win all challenging levels!

Drive Ahead MOD APK

Enjoy the great gaming modes after unlocking them with trophies

The variety of Gaming modes is the next powerful feature of the Drive Ahead virtual game. Fortunately, The game is offering you three different gaming modes, both Single-Player and Multiplayer. First of all, The game offers you a Battle mode, including Battle with the Computer players. Moreover, These Battle modes change maps over time, like Beaches, Forests, and fertile land. Apart from the Single Player Mode, You can also enjoy the 2P modes, where you can play multiplayer destroying using the same mobile. First-player controls will always be placed at the left gaming screen, and the right will be the second player's gaming screen. Enjoy this exclusive game with all the compelling features using the below modification!

Try the modified version once, built with all the exceptional patches

If You have played the game before reading this article, you must know about the game's drawbacks and all the hindrances that arise while playing Drive Ahead. All these drawbacks are damn powerful in that they can distract you from the game's features and will make you uninstall the game anyway. But for resisting uninstalling this fantastic hill climb Android game, Drive Ahead, we're offering you a featured Drive Ahead MOD APK! Now You can happily uninstall the official game and download below the modified version of the game to enjoy the free futuristic features within the modified version named Drive Ahead MOD APK. Moreover, You can go through the below sections to get a more detailed analysis of all its features.

Craft all your favorite cars and other vehicles freely without hassle

One of the annoying drawbacks of the official Drive Ahead game was that you couldn't craft your favorite cars until you don't have those spare parts. Basically, You're required to collect the required number of spare parts for each car to craft it and use it to crash all your opponent's cars. You can find these parts inside the crates, and still, you need to pay lots of coins to purchase them. So resist buying them and download Drive Ahead MOD APK. This modified version is a 100% free gaming version that embeds your gaming with all the spare parts you require to unlock the legendary vehicles. Just click the unlock button and use all of them ultimately!

Enjoy the infinite coins and diamonds to play your favorite vehicles

After the spare parts, the game also offers you 100% free unlimited diamonds and coins to strengthen your gameplay to the next level. These coins and diamonds will help you purchase all the other in-game add-ons like superpowers, helmets, and other assisting assets. So You're required to click the below download link and download Drive Ahead MOD APK. Afterward, You can simply enjoy the infinite coins and diamonds to make never-ending purchases. Additionally, You can also use all these coins for upgrading your vehicles to an exceptional level or simply enhancing their damage rate and defense rate to the maximum.

Drive Ahead MOD APK

Enroll freely for the Pro Pass of your favorite Drive Ahead virtual game

Pro Pass works in the Drive Ahead, the same as the Royale Pass works inside the PUBG Mobile for those who don't know. Yeah, You're going to enjoy the 50 rewards on every new season, including new vehicles, skins, coins as well as diamonds. But unfortunately, You will be required to purchase it with 500.00 INR, and afterward, everything is free. However, It's a huge amount for all enthusiastic gamers like us, and that's why we've developed the free Drive Ahead MOD APK. This modified game allows you to purchase the free Pro Pass with the infinite diamonds provided to you within the game. So stop spending money on such passes and start playing the Drive Ahead MOD APK smartly!

Final Verdict

Car racing is the best mood-changer gaming genre which makes us feel better even at annoying times. But suppose that if you have got a fantastic pixel graphic car crashing game, with infinite money and all those unlocked vehicles. In such a case, You'll start falling in love with it! If You're feeling the same happiness, then click the below link and download Drive Ahead MOD APK ASAP. This modified version is all you need to enlighten all your dull moments!

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