Legend of Ace Mod Apk (v1.53.7) Unlimited Money/Mini Map/Unlimited Gems

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Game Name Legend of Ace Mod Apk
Android Version
4.2 and up
Category Action
User Reviews 4.0 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.53.7
Last Update
30 June 2021
55 MB 

What’s the Specialty of Legend of Ace Mod Apk

The Legend of Ace – Cool role-playing project in which the player must fight in the arena with powerful opponents. Driving strong character, the user will face formidable heroes of the opposite team. Each match lasts ten minutes, and the unit can have a maximum of five fighters. All this makes the fight dynamic and uncomplicated. There are only 17 classes of characters with unique looks and skills, so the user can choose a warrior to his liking.

Legend of Ace Mod Apk

Legend of Ace (so-called LoA) is a 5v5 MOBA game. But it is more interesting than the others.

Amazing New Features of Legend of Ace Mod Apk

Loa has greatly improved the game’s strategy. This replaced the item system with the card system. Therefore, players will not suffer from item dishes. Instead, there are hundreds of cards to choose from to raise a hero. Every player can have a unique strategy for any hero.

Loa is fast-paced. Each game only takes 10 minutes. So the players did not miss other beautiful things in their lives. Imagine the difference between calling a girlfriend back within 10 minutes and 30 minutes ………

Loa is in great need of teamwork. Each team has five players. Each player has to select a role to play, such as tank, healer, shooter, mage, gainer. Players must cooperate to defeat enemies.

Loa is the best place to showcase your talent. With the ranking system and matchmaking system, you will meet players from all over the world. Anyone with great skills can become famous here.

Loa is probably the best MOBA game on earth.

Legend of Ace Mod Apk

Legend of Ace Action Gameplay Mod Apk

It is the first game in the world to combine two completely different elements: MOBA and TCG. One category showcases gameplay that emphasizes combat skills; The other is passive and more strategic. But, this combination creates a multi-player, fair, and fun gaming environment. A game that plays like all other MOBA games, but at a much faster pace. There will be ultra-fast book battles with constant battles between players. A match usually ends in 5–10 minutes, unless another MOBA match occurs. However, it is still a valid MOBA with clearly 3 lanes and 5 players on each side. Each hero has his own skillset that is made very logical to create an effective combo to gain an advantage over his opponent. Tanks, mage, assassins, marksmen of shooters, support are all available in the game. This is particularly true in the TCG system. The game offers hundreds of cards so that the heroes can move in a different direction. It can be said, thanks to this system, that the same heroes can play in completely different genres. In addition, it does not change basic stats like attack and defense, but it also gives new skills. Players can choose their cards comfortably to experience the most incredible strategy and enjoy the fight.

Legend of Ace Mod Apk

Legend of Ace Action More Legend Of Ace Overview

Another thing that is unique to LOA is the skill and its ultimate, if you are accustomed to playing ML and AOV, then you should be familiar with the skills that have levels. But the legend of Ace is different, there is no increase in skill level in the gameplay, and the final is also different, a sort of delay that lasts from 1% to 100% and can only be used from the hero level. The ultimate can be used.

It will definitely have a big impact on the gameplay, I think it’s fair to be called MOBA with the fastest combat time, are you sure you don’t want to try?

Things that seem trivial, but certainly the price of a hero, the most expensive price range in ML, is 32,000 Battle Points. And AOV has 18,888 golds. And the amazing thing about the Legend of Ace is that the hero is highly priced, with 43,888 gold being the most expensive as well.

Of course, this should be considered a yes for game developers, as it is not easy to collect gold. To collect 1000 gold, you have to win at least 8 matches, this is tough. But what is of concern is that in exchange for the exorbitant hero prices, Legend of Ace allows the weekly free heroes to play in rank mode.

Now like most MOBAs, when playing this game you will be spoiled with the best graphics. Of course, with a smaller size and faster gameplay, you will easily feel comfortable playing.

Get unlimited money by using the legend Ace Cheat. Jump into many premium accessories that are not very important, but will calm you down on the battlefield.

Provided Mod Apk Features

Mod 1

  • Show Enemy Death Location
  • Mini Map
  • Obb Data
  • No Ads

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