Modern Age 1 MOD APK v1.0.89 (Unlimited Money/Gems) for Android

Modern Age 1
App Name Modern Age 1
Latest Version v1.0.89
Last Updated 19 March 2024
Publisher Oxiwyle.
Requirements Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Size 160 MB
Google Playstore
3.5 Rating (55)
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hey mr. President, well if i call you that don't be shocked. Because modern age 1 mod apk offers you an opportunity to become the president of a powerful state like russia or usa or india. An expansion game where you get your hands on one of the most interesting and powerful gameplay that requires both intelligence and planning. How do you start the management of such a big state with millions of population and tasks to perform. Modern age 1 mod apk not just gives you a way to enjoy power but as you know with power comes the responsibilities. Managing the well being of the whole population of your state and the world. The main goal is to expand the territory and ideology and establish peace at all costs. With legends of the power and access to military, airforce, navy and police to establish discipline and create policies for the development.

Modern Age 1 MOD APK

It's not just a child game to participate but performing well in the game hones your management skills. You need to take one of your ideologies and spread it around the world. Control the state and other territory with power. Holding meetings, unsc policies, fighting terrorism, dealing with the enemies and problems combined within the state. Enhancing the deals and making new policies for the development & research of state, military, defence, administrations, and other concepts. Modern age 1 mod apk holds its grips over diplomacy because that is what holds the tie among nations, signing pacts and treaties for rules and regulations, nuclear management, creating employment and new business, industry development, banks and finance managements, and other jobs to hold over. Surviving the nation in crises like natural disasters or human made, safe lifestyle and wellbeing of citizens, and other global impacts should also be taken care of!

Modern age 1 mod apk

modern age 1 mod apk is a solid game concept for the masses. I would suggest it's a must play game for everyone to at least know the hardships and struggles of being a manager of a whole country. Because we often blame the government for everything so why not see it by ourselves. Is it easier or is it really difficult because with power comes the responsibilities and accountability for everything. To help you in the process we are offering this modified version of the game that lets you play it smoothly. Providing the players with an unlimited amount of money and coins so they can invest in the development and research. Without tight finance, no nation could prosper so here we have offered unlocked mines and resources, easy access to the material and resources of close territories so the finance could never be an issue, while for maintaining proper security some of the defence equipment and mechanism are also provided for free in this mod version.

Modern Age 1 MOD APK

Manage finance at all levels

in this game, playing just as the mr. President is not enough. The power, luxury and impression is great but what important is its responsibilities and services to the people. And you must know that in the successful management and control over a state. You absolutely need full command over finances and security. That's where the trust and efforts of citizen and society stands because it is the major part that people expect from the government. Apart from creating policies and financial management, you should try a lot for equal distribution of opportunities and resources so that people can make the best of their life. Create ministries and personal secretary for finance, finance development, structures and management at next level of the game.

Top notch defence and discipline

modern age 1 mod apk brings you to a level where the management of military and army is of utmost importance for the safety of the nation. You have to make sure that the army is commanded well and with strategic ties among the departments. Ensure that you have full control, buy and develop new guns, weapons, missiles, and other defence equipment. Invest a large amount of gdp in army and security. Ensure that the country and its department are discipline and to make that sure apply strategic plannings with police, security and army. Apart from defence, ensure you take good control of academics, health, resources, facilities, sports and other areas for your people. Create jobs and employment opportunities as well as business ventures to enjoy at the next level.

Modern Age 1 MOD APK

Expansion and development

modern age 1 mod apk is not some other game like you mostly interact with, but a high level of game that requires intelligence to master it. With amazing power to hold control over everything. You need to spread your ideology and expand your nation. , expand to new territories, prepare and participate in wars, annex other states and grow your land. Another part is the development and research of the nation, taking control over oils, food, and other material annexing other states. Industry development and other growth of economics, finance, health, etc. Help and create policy to manage the nation in the times of crisis that includes natural and manmade, recessions, and epidemics.


download modern age 1 mod apk to become a powerful president of a state and expore the power as well as works being on such top designation. Managing affairs within and external of the nation. Ensuring the well being of society and citizens. Performing hundreds of tasks everyday to become sole owner of the nation, expand and spread the reliogion and ideology to the world. Make yourself widely succesful and loved by everyone with your efforst at all levels. Get its unlocked version here and enjoy the efforst with hassle free options. Experince the fun at next level of comfort and hardhips.

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