Pinatamasters Mod Apk (v1.2.9) + Unlimited Coins + Infinite Diamonds + No Ads


Hi, Pinatamasters Game Player’s If you are looking to download Latest Pinatamasters Mod Apk (v1.2.9) + Unlimited Coins + Infinite Diamonds + No Ads for Android, then congratulations you have come to the right page. On this page, we will know what the Specialty of Pinatamasters Android Game and its Mod Version Apk will provide you one Click Direct Link to download, so you can easily download Pinatamasters Android Arcade Game.

Game Name Pinatamasters
Android Version 4.0 and up
Category Arcade
User Reviews 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Version v1.2.9
Last Update
02 July 2020
72 MB

What’s the Specialty of Pinatamasters Mod Apk

Allow me to clarify what’s pinata In case you have questions regarding Pinata? Pinata is an effigy made from fabric and waste paper, including toys and candy inside. Pinata seems in festivals from a few Latin American nations and Mexico. Throughout the festival, it frequently hangs up and defeats before the candy falls out. This game provides a great deal of pleasure to both kids and adults. Specifically, this sport is loved by kids since they get a lot of toys and candy which fall out of the pinata. Join by downloading this game Pinatamasters if you adore the enjoyable and energetic atmosphere of the Mexican festival.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk

Addictive game

Also, the pinata is a picture of children’s birthday celebrations, although not just appear through festivals. Pinatamasters’ gameplay is similar to a different sport by Playgendary. Rather than assaulting a bear, your job would be to strike the pinata before a drop. It is possible to visit another level If you inflict enough damage.


This means that you may change fashion and your weapons. Individuals make up of many unique forms pinata, it may be an animated personality on Cartoon Network, a panda, or a unicorn. You and Buddy may fulfill again. Your assignment remains unchanged. They do not attack, although they have lots of expressions once you strike on them. This means that you can not lose in this match. Concentrate on enjoying the pleasure rather than becoming significant to lose or win, the game provides.

Weapons system

We all overcome on the pinata. At Pinatamasters, you are able to select between many distinct weapons, but the sport starts with a pole. Obviously, the game won’t let you achieve the target. At certain levels, a guard protects the pinata.

If it is attacked by you your whole damage is going to probably likely be disabled. Let us proceed skillfully, take places that are unprotected, and do not neglect to accumulate.

Obviously, the game won’t let you achieve the objective. At certain degrees, the way of a guard protects the pinata. Your whole damage will probably be disabled in the event that you strike it. Let us proceed logically, take unprotected places, and also don’t neglect to get coins that collapse after every strike. In the conventional festival, we now all overcome pinata with a pole. At Pinatamasters, you are able to select from many diverse weapons, however, the match starts with a pole.


Pinatamasters Mod Apk And Unlimited Money

Weapons system Pinata is composed of numerous diverse forms from people, it may be a unicorn, a panda or an animated personality on Cartoon Network. You may also meet Buddy again within this particular match. Irrespective of how it looks, your assignment remains unchanged. They’ve lots of humorous sayings once you struck on them but they don’t really strike.

This means that you can not lose in this particular match. For that reason, concentrate on appreciating the pleasure the game supplies as an alternative to being overly vital that you acquire or lose. Maybe not merely appear throughout festivals, however, the pinata can be a recognizable image in kids’ birthday parties. Pinatamasters’ gameplay is similar to a different match by Playgendary called Kick that the Buddy.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk

Most Addicting Shooting Game!

Pinatamasters doesn’t induce players to perform just like a game that is conventional but struggle them. To begin with, players don’t utilize directly sticks but utilize various tools (the very first fundamental remains sticks) to throw in a horse suspended high over. Each hit can cause its own HP pub to fall with a little, and gold coins will drop upon the monitor. You need to move always to correct the path of the shot but also to select up gold. Since an increasing number of lines will be obstructed to produce a guard for your newspaper horse. The strike will be disabled Should you hit on the traces.


Fight Colorful And Crazy Pinatas!

There’ll be interesting features that keep games, As it’s an arcade game. Pinatamasters will bring distinct”paper horses” with many colors. Every game display will have targets that are distinct rather than be pressured to become a horse. It will be a metallic robot, monster, or Buddy. Generally, they provide obstacles and will have more endurance.

What do gamers use? Of course. With weapons that are new, you may ruin enemies. The rod can make a little drop, but using a pickaxe, it is successful. There are more powerful weapons such as missiles or guns. Bigger and the larger the harm, the greater gold coins will be, the fun won’t ever end with you personally.

Amazing New Features Of Pinatamasters Mod Apk

I Back in Pinatamasters (MOD Coins/Diamonds)you can realize that the number of coins isn’t offered. Don’t stress. You may unlock all weapons and then update them if your amount of coins is zero. When you update your funds won’t be diminished.


Pinatamasters possess colorful and beautiful 2D images, Even though there’s the gameplay that is simple. Vibrant pictures are just like a cartoon for kids. The game provides you the sensation of a birthday celebration that is crazy and humorous. In any case, noise leads to the pleasure of the sport.


If you would like to settle on a game such as Kick on the Buddy: Permanently but somewhat abusive, Pinatamasters MOD APK is the best pick for you. The gameplay is enjoyable and straightforward, or so the game is acceptable for everybody. If you’re an adult, then Pinatamasters’ enjoyment can help you unwind after a day of work.

Rather than assaulting a teddy bear, your task would be going to the pinata before it drops. This means that you may alter the design and your weapons. Pinatamasters (MOD Infinite Coins/Diamonds) could be the most current arcade game of this writer Playgendary. When you’ve got questions regarding Pinata, then allow me to explain what’s a pinata? Pinata is really actually just a box-shaped effigy made from waste cloth and paper, including toys and candy indoors.

Pinata appears in festivals from several Latin American nations and Mexico. Throughout the festival, we frequently hang it up and overcome it before candy drops outside. This game brings a great deal of pleasure to both adults and kids. Specifically, kids love this match because they get a lot of toys and candy which collapse out of the pinata. If you adore the energetic and enjoyable setting of the Mexican standard festival, then combine Pinatamasters by downloading this match to your mobile cell phone.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk

What’s New in Latest Version

We are ready to make your game experience even greater! Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy!

Our team reads all reviews and always tries to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements.

What Saying User About Pinatamasters Mod Arcade Game

 1st User-:  I’m not sure yet but I’m going back to play with you guys and I’ll try to get it done tomorrow night and I don’t know what to do with you I don’t hate and I don’t know what 😦 what is the best way 🚦 way to go the best way you 🎅 get can make to you feel much better now and I will always love you with there is always no way to do a thing for a man who can do anything and get to see the world as with the rest of our the world family with a friend who is always there for you in the middle ea.

 2nd User-:  Bait and Switch Game – I’m getting really tired of developers and games like these where they advertise the game a certain way on a platform (youtube in the case) this is the most garbage practice I have ever seen in my life and it NEEDS to stop. A policy needs to be implemented on this, it needs attention. this game was advertised as a puzzle game where you have the kill the piñata at the end of the corridor. Instead, I received this trash pile, for the game it actually is, it’s like all others.

 3rd User-:   I am really enjoying this game at the moment. Flamboyant graphics and I love the bow masters like the style you have added. The only thing/s are that there a bit too many ads and I was hoping for this game to have different game modes such as “Pinata duel” where u have to try and get the highest level against another player and or maybe some kind of customization menu where you can change the colors of existing characters. I really hope u add more game modes like bow masters since that was a 👌game.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk


Download And Install Pinatamasters Mod Apk

1) First of all, please download Latest Pinatamasters Mod Apk from given Download Link below.

2) Once your apk is downloaded, simply install and Enjoy your game.

3) If your phone already has Pinatamasters Apk installed, then uninstall it and install the given mod apk.

Provided Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free Shopping
  • No Ads

Download Pinatamasters Mod Apk + (Unlimited Coins/Money/Diamonds/No Ads)

Download Your Mod Game

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