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Rise of Eros v1.4.200 MOD APK (Full Game) for Android

Rise of Eros
App Name Rise of Eros
Latest Version v1.4.200
Last Updated 08 May 2023
Publisher NTT Solmare Corp.
Requirements Android 4.4
Category Nsfw
Size 310 MB
Google Playstore
3.7 Rating (139)


rise of eros brings you into a fantasy world where you interact with various profound and classy gameplay. An iconic land of dienne full of fantasy elements and tools to experience pleasures though adult fantasies. An epic storyline that goes with its interesting elements of fight for power, love, wisdom, dominations and all. This unique world brings several greek gods into limelight. One of them was eros(god of love), extremely powerful and dominating, handsome and mighty, who fell in love with the god of beauty - aphrodite. Aphrodite was born out of primal sexual drives and an approach to influence and progress in society. Narratives like this started and the world moved on to influence and progress the world through development and might. To establish the rule for the welfare of people and discipline in the society. Several gods came into the limelight to fight for power. As the war beigin, everyone was fighting and so the game brings turn based combats to involve into. However in rise of eros, eros comes victorious but eventually gets trapped in a vicious stage by aphrodite. And the world moved on without god's with no discipline and chaos everywhere. Overtime, inase, a scholar in order to bring life to her deceased boyfriend, awakens the eros accidently. And then the game starts where eros fights to bring his power and domination back into the world.

Rise of Eros MOD APK

Rise of eros mod apk

rise of eros mod apk is a game variant that comes with wonderful features and unlocked tools to dive into warfare with powerful gods and enemies. Everyone is your enemy and so to establish your domination again, you need the finest weapons, power, skills, and other instruments to rule over the world. The original game's limited supply becomes a major hindrance in the journey and so here we are with its modified version. It unlocks and offers the users with all paid features and tools for free. Get super upgrades, superior weapons, finest skills, armies, magical powers back, and potential against your enemies all in an ad free environment. An elegant gameplay with epic graphics. And its impressive visuals where love, fight, turn based combat and search for power all happens in flash.

Re-establish your power and domination

all you have to do in the game after eros is awakened to senses is to reestablish your power and domination in the entire race. Providing the population with their needs and a disciplined society for better generations and future. Create an amazing storyline which is in your hand. As to how you get back your entire power and kingdom as the god of love.

Rise of Eros MOD APK

Get into a super mighty world for intense combats

a super powerful and wild world of gods where the combats and battles for power are consistent. Fight with your people and magical weapons to dominate in the land of dienne. Get all yourself drowned in the pleasure of war with your finest of the weapons at play. Master the game by participating in intense fights and iconic power structure to break. It's now your time, so grab it with full potential.

Fall in love and experience joy

in rise of eros and playing as god of love. How can it be possible that you leave love as an element? In the midst of war and combat, it's your job to interact with the most beautiful and impressive greek goddess and fall in love. While also making love with them within the gameplay. Participate in eternal wars and rise to power with components of love along by to meet the desires of human needs and especially love.

Rise of Eros MOD APK


download rise of eros mod apk to explore the world of greek gods with your perception. An amazing game with wonderful elements of fantasy, love, fights, wars, power, wisdom, and all in the adventures journey. Experience the epic storyline that takes you back in the greek world of gods and beauty like you would have never imagined even in your wildest dreams. Get its mod version unlocked with paid features and extraordinary tools.

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