Ten Dates v1.4 MOD APK [Unlocked all, Unlimited Money] for Android

Ten Dates
App Name Ten Dates
Latest Version v1.4
Last Updated 21 May 2024
Publisher Wales Interactive.
Requirements Android 5.1
Category Adventure
Size 680 MB
Google Playstore
5.0 Rating (2)


Each choice affects your love journey with customisable personalities and unique scenarios. Discover captivating stories, form lasting bonds, and experience 10 heart-pounding dates. Explore simple dates to soul-stirring romance to discover your match. Ten Dates MOD APK provides surprises and amazing experiences for thrill-seekers and heartwarmers alike. Download today for a unique romantic experience where every decision matters and love awaits." Its breathtaking graphics, engaging conversation system, and variety of mini-games and activities add depth and complexity to the action, keeping players involved from start to end. It is more than a game—it's a heartfelt adventure that explores contemporary romance and relationships in a compelling and gratifying manner. So why delay? Start your romantic journey with it now.

Ten Dates MOD APK

Ten Dates mod apk

It is a compelling universe where love, choices, and fate combine to create an extraordinary romantic journey. In this immersive interactive graphic novel, players explore contemporary dating via 10 riveting encounters that will excite the heart and challenge the intellect. its unique plot and various personalities let every choice affect your love adventure. Each meeting offers a chance to discuss love and relationships, from casual banter to soul-searching. Create your character, explore captivating stories, and interact with a broad cast of possible companions. It offers exhilarating excursions, heartfelt moments, and surprising twists for every romantic mood. On a journey for love, every decision counts and has many consequences. Will one of the 10 matches be your soulmate? Download it today and experience laughter, tears, and memories that will last long beyond the last date."


Ten Dates MOD APK, a compelling interactive graphic novel about contemporary dating, takes players on a journey through love, humour, and life-changing choices. Let's explore its many features, from customisable characters to different tales, that make it a memorable love trip.

Customisable Characters:

Creating and customising your character in it lets you express your personality and preferences. The customisation choices are numerous, from haircuts and costumes to personality characteristics and hobbies, making your character feel like you.

A Dynamic Story:

It plays differently every time. The game has several dynamic narratives that branch out depending on your decisions. Whether you're chasing a passionate romance, solving a mystery, or connecting with interesting individuals, the story adjusts to your choices, creating a personalized experience.

Ten Memorable Dates:

It offers ten unique experiences to challenge your heart and wits. Each date offers a fresh chance to experience romance and relationships, from coffee dates to exciting adventures and intimate moments. It has dates for every romantic mood, from passion to friendship.

Multiple Endings:

With it, the adventure has several endings. The game's outcomes depend on your romantic decisions. Will you find love, repair hearts, or discover yourself alone? The options are unlimited, making every playtime unique and enjoyable.

Interesting Characters:

It has a broad group of personalities to win your heart, from lovely love partners to eccentric side characters. The gloomy recluse, free-spirited adventurer, and mystery stranger are all well-developed characters with their own backstories, personalities, and motives, bringing depth and complexity to the plot.

Meaningful Choices:

In it, every choice counts. You may affect the game by making little decisions or big ones that form your love journey. Will you follow your heart or head? Will you put others' emotions before yours? it lets you control your fate.

Stunning Images:

Its captivating graphics bring romantic settings and lively people to life. Every scenario, from stunning date sites to expressive character animations, is masterfully designed to improve the gaming experience and entice players further into romance and adventure.

Entertaining Gameplay mechanics:

It has deep and sophisticated gaming mechanics in addition to its compelling plot and stunning graphics. The game's interactive elements—puzzles, meaningful discussions, and social dynamics—keep players engaged and committed in their love journey.

Dialogue System: Interactive

The interactive dialogue system in it lets users have meaningful chats with the game's characters. The chat system lets players express their personalities and intents with amusing banter or profound admissions. When you flirt shamelessly, troll with sarcasm, or show empathy, the conversation system changes the tone and direction of your interactions with other characters.

Building Relationships:

Its gameplay revolves on character relationships. Your connections with other characters will strengthen and deepen as you play, affecting the tale. Will your behaviors build long friendships, passionate loves, or repel possible partners? Your decision has severe implications.

Ten Dates MOD APK

Mini-Games & Activities:

it adds excitement and involvement with its mini-games and activities in addition to its narrative-driven gameplay. Mini-games let you establish characters and relationships while solving puzzles with your partner, going on outdoor excursions, or engaging in eccentric challenges.

Player Progress and Success:

It has a player advancement system and several milestones to acquire to keep players motivated throughout their love adventure. Players may earn experience points, unlock prizes, and monitor their progress by making smart decisions, fulfilling tasks, and reaching milestones. The advancement mechanism caters to completionists seeking every hidden ending and casual players seeking a pleasant and satisfying experience.


It provides limitless replayability for gamers who want to explore every aspect of the game with its branching stories, numerous endings, and unique characters and events. Each playing is unique, inviting players to find new possibilities and hidden mysteries by revisiting favourite moments, experimenting with alternate choices, or pursuing other love interests.

Deep, realistic emotions:

it excels in depicting love, sadness, and everything in between with delicacy and reality. The game handles complicated issues sensitively and authentically, enabling players to feel a variety of emotions as they navigate contemporary dating. It is a genuinely human experience with joyful moments of bonding and painful sequences of vulnerability.

Impactful Choices and Player Agency:

It emphasizes player agency, where every action affects the tale. Where you go on a date, how you react to a romantic gesture, and whether to pursue a relationship or friendship all affect your love journey. It lets users dictate their own story and express their beliefs, wants, and goals via powerful decisions.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

It is devoted to diversity and inclusion, presenting characters from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities. The game embraces the complex tapestry of human experience and shows its players' variety, from LGBTQ+ to varied ethnicities and body kinds. It encourages empathy, compassion, and respect for the many forms of love and relationships by presenting a varied cast of individuals with their own tales and viewpoints.

Updates and Community Engagement:

Due to user feedback, its creators routinely provide updates, expansions, and new content. The makers want to keep gamers excited with new date situations, character arcs, and gameplay elements long beyond the game's debut. It encourages users to shape the game's future and be heard by creating a lively and friendly community.

Features for Accessibility:

It has several accessibility features to suit players of different abilities. It aims to make gaming inclusive and accessible for everyone, from customisable font sizes and color schemes to audio explanations and alternate control choices. The makers prioritize accessibility to eliminate obstacles and create a more inclusive gaming environment where all players can enjoy and connect with the game on their own terms.

Ten Dates MOD APK


The broad array of individuals and numerous endings in it make every playing unique, enabling limitless exploration and discovery. The game's complex storyline and important choices provide a personalized experience that connects with players, whether they're seeking passion, friendship, or self-discovery.

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